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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Hoping for the Best Where Weight Loss is Concerned

Sometimes we have to make lemonade out of sour lemons. Like with losing weight...

We work so hard on a particular diet plan and we expect to see results.

However, sometimes we just don't see those pounds dropping off fast enough - and other times, we don't see any melting off at all!

I'd like to share a personal story that goes well with this situation.

The Ups & Downs of Dieting

Recently my husband and I went on a leaf peeping trip. The fall colors that had been promised were not there - just like some plans promise the dieter that they will lose x-amount of weight in x-amount of time, and it just doesn't end up being like that.

As disappointment settled in - along with the rains, we considered that we should have stayed home. Just like at times we consider that we should have never started a diet plan. After all, what good was it? We were miserable - and had no luck. Well....good luck, because we did have a lot of bad.

It turned out that the fall colors in our area were actually better than the ones we were seeing in upper Oklahoma and western Arkansas. So much for relying on 'official' fall foliage reports! So much for fad diet plans!

Continue Forward With Plans OR Quit the Diet?

At this point we knew that we had two options:

1. Make the best of our trip - just as one must make the best of their diet plan.

2. Return home and whine the entire trip home. But do we really want to quit our plan? Or should we keep going until we reach our fitness goals?

We ended up doing a bit of both, but changing our 'game plan' turned out to be a brilliant idea. Just as with weight loss - one must always have a back-up plan for those times when things go haywire.

Would we ever get to those beautiful fall colors? We sure hoped that going up, up, up would lead us into the colors. At least our hopes were high.

Along the highway we ran across a candy store (I know).

Enjoying Limited Treats to Maintain Healthy Weight

As my husband Tom and I walked into the shop we felt a bit like Hansel and Grettel must have felt when they happened upon the mean old witch's candy-covered shack.

There was every candy imaginable lodged inside - from fudge to salt water taffy. I was delighted to find that both the fudge and the salt water taffy came in sugar-free versions, so we purchased a few treats then promptly walked away.

It's TOO EASY to just say, " We're on a special trip and let's just have fun. We'll worry about the weight gain when we get home."

For me, I'd rather enjoy a few treats along the way and keep my weight on target. I remember how difficult it was to get all the weight off more than a decade ago - and I'm never-ever-never going there again. It's just not worth the short-lived space of 'fun'.

Don't Be Too Restrictive While Dieting

As to dieting, you can do the same. Don't be too restrictive or it's just going to make you miserable. Eat a sensible amount of food, allow for special treats, get in ample activity - and don't stress. If you're consuming less energy than your body is using, those excess pounds will eventually go away.

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