Hearty Breakfast Fights Hunger

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

One never knows what treasures await over Life's horizon....

Along a winding back road, my husband Tom and I came across a gold mine of steel and metal.

There were ancient tractors, rusting automobiles and dilapidated farm implements scattered from here to yon and we were itching to take a few photos with our trusty cameras. Yes, we were trigger happy.

However, the 'No Trespassing" sign posted on the barbwire fence kept us at bay and we had to be content with shooting from great distances, through the barbwire.

To make matters more complicated, the sun was vacillating from Mr. Harsh to Mr. Invisible as it darted through the cape of clouds overhead.

While I wrestled with the tall grass, Tom was dancing.

Unfortunately, he had discovered a fire ant mound - rather the fire ant mound had discovered him. No doubt, he won't be doing any vacuuming, dirty dishes or laundry for a spell. Drat - oh those little obstacles that shoot down the tiny rainbows in life.

Hearty Breakfast Saves the Day

Lucky for us we had enjoyed a hearty breakfast consisting of toast, scrambled eggs, skim milk and chopped fruit.

While Tom added a slice of lean ham to his plate, I added a spoon of strawberry jam and of course a thud on the old ketchup bottle.

Scrambled eggs just aren't scrambled eggs without a dab of ketchup - just ask any bona fide Texan. Then again, I was born in California - so go figure.

Amid our adventure, Tom and I managed to grab a few Photolicious shots of the steel and metal.

And to think that only minutes earlier we were simply breezing down the road - and then most suddenly, we were in Photo Heaven.

Just goes to show that one never knows what treasures await over Life's Horizon....

The Same Applies to Weight Loss Results

There we are - working so diligently on our weight loss plan, thinking that we're never going to lose the weight that we gained. And then quite suddenly, the numbers start to decrease. And there is nothing like this experience to make a dieter even more motivated to stay on their diet plan. Losing weight actually motivates!

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