Dieting One Day at a Time

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Begin each day of your diet plan anew.....

This morning as I made my way outdoors in the early morning I was greeted with winds that were much cooler than in recent months. Perhaps autumn has not forgotten me after all.

And as I peered closer into my surroundings, there were small hints of the changing of the season written therein. Greens are not as vibrant as they were just days ago. The trees are not as fully dressed - and the hummingbirds that graced our feeders have fled to warmer climates to ride-out the impending winter which will rise oh-too-soon over the horizon.

Yes, it appeared to be shaping-up to be a beautiful day, one that should be seized and enjoyed to its fullest rather than tucked away and ignored by choosing confinement within the four walls of my humble home.

Starting Your Day With a Healthy Breakfast, a Healthy Beginning

For now, it's back inside the house to enjoy a substantial breakfast consisting of a cup of skim milk, a whole grain slice of toast, a serving of low fat yogurt, and a small crisp apple.

It's the best time of the year for apples - harvest time when they're fresh off the tree. The crunch of the apple assists my thoughts in snapping to life - much easier on the body than a jolt of caffeine.

Although it's difficult for some people to get accustomed to partaking of breakfast - it's the most important meal of the day.

Besides boosting the metabolism, it provides food for thought. And this morning, I needed a jolt to catapult my mind into action.

Planning a Day Filled With Fun Activity to Manage Body Weight

So as I enjoyed my solitary breakfast, my brain was thrashing through thoughts of bliss. What to do. What to do. Take pictures?

Discover a pumpkin patch decked-out in shades of orange? Take a long  hike? Visit loved ones?

Just take a nice leisurely walk outdoors and enjoy the weather? Perhaps fly a kite? So many opportunities!

Whatever is decided, my husband Tom will be a bit part of the decision.

It's never fun when both participants aren't thrilled with the day's events. Lucky for me, we both enjoy the same activities. Lucky for him, too.

With a healthy breakfast tucked inside, I'm off to talk with him to discover what the day may bring. First - I'll have to wake up the sleepy head. Then again, it is Saturday......

In Summary

If we look at the contents of this article we see a pattern developing - a healthy pattern. We start out rising from bed. We pause to appreciate what we have, what we see and look forward to what we will do on days that we're free from obligations [generally work]. This positive manner of thinking will assist in making the day bright rather than a day filled with cranky negative thoughts that basically ruin our day.

Next, we start our day with a healthy meal. We may think about what we want to eat later in the day at this time - and we need to stick to our plan and not overeat. And finally we decide what we're going to do as activity because that will assist in burning calories and contributing to a healthier, firmer, trimmer  body.

Tomorrow we'll get up and start all over again. That's how to properly diet - taking one day at a time until we reach our set fitness goals.

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