Dieting Requires Patience

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Diet Journal: It can take a lot of patience to be patient. ~ Sky

Fall is in the air but not quite within our grasp. The trees are crying out to release their brilliant colors but Mother Nature has other plans - if only for the moment. Although the brilliant colors are taking their sweet time, things can rapidly change.

My other half (my husband Tom) and I discussed such over lunch today.

Both of us enjoy capturing the beauty of the changing foliage on film and we both felt that the pokiness of the changing of the seasons was just downright unfair.

Weight Loss Can be Slowly Agonizing

And as we continued to enjoy our meal together, our conversation reminded me of weight loss. Sometimes weight loss can be an agonizing, slowpoke process. It almost never happens quick enough. It just seems downright unfair.

Whereas many dieters will stick with their weight loss plan and achieve weight loss success, many will run out of patience and revert to their former daily diet habits. It can take a lot of patience to be patient!

A Healthy Daily Diet Can Speed Up the Weight Loss Process

Our lunch menu today was very simple and consisted of the following:

Sandwich Recipe: 2 slices of whole wheat bread spread with a tab of Miracle Whip Light 2 slices of tomato, lettuce leaves, 1 slice of muenster cheese and 1 slice of lean deli turkey.

Coleslaw: I used bagged pre-shredded slaw mixed with a bit of Miracle Whip Light, a spoon of Splenda, a sprinkle of celery seeds and a spoon of golden raisins.

Pringles: 1 serving of Jalapeno flavored. Went perfect when using the slaw as a dip. It was 'diplicious'!

1 serving of Light Cranberry/Grape Cocktail (provides 130% of the daily requirement for Vitamin C)

In Summary

When eating commonly considered 'no-no's' such as the full-blown Pringles, simply count out the serving size.

And they aren't as taboo as some would like you to believe. They reside in the Food Pyramid within the good old Grain Group.

Sure - they contain a bit of fat & sodium, but when consumed in moderation they can add life to a boring diet. And when the calories are factored-in, all the weight gain worries are instantly removed.

As to the slaw - using light Mayo over full-blown will slash calories and fat grams considerably - and cabbage is such a healthy food that entire diet plans have been centered around this rather gassy star. Or...should that be classy? No. Gassy would be more accurate.

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