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Tom and I were out shopping and didn't arrive home until far after lunch time. We were starving, so I had to put something on the table lightning fast.

I'd like to share these two 'quick on the draw' recipes with you. If you've got 5 minutes - you've got two hearty meals that are ultra filling and ultra low in calories.

And 'oh momma' one even contains bacon! As a note, Tom enjoyed the BLT while I enjoyed the Chili Cheese Bean Pie. Both were out of this world delicious! And I hope that you'll enjoy the ability of making the Chili Cheese Bean Pie a personalized dish. I'll share one of my favorite recipe tips in this recipe.

It can also be enjoyed as a dip.

Chili Cheese Bean Dip OR Pie - 300 calories

diet blt sandwich recipe1 cup of canned pinto beans (160 calories)

1 slice of Kraft's skim mozzarella cheese (60 calories)

80 calories worth of corn chips, crumbled

Heat the beans, add cheese and corn chips. And now for that favorite recipe tip that I promised to share with you.

As I set everything on the table, I opened up my spice rack and grabbed the following:

- dried cilantro

- ground cumin

- ground chili powder

How to Prepare, Suggestions for Serving

To my hot bowl of beans I added a bit of each just before adding the cheese. And I stirred the beans well to incorporate the seasonings.

This can be a fun adventure for the entire family, so I hope that you'll embrace this tip should you choose to try this extra easy recipe that is rich in vegetable proteins, as well as in fiber and is ultra low fat.

King Kong BLT - a reduced calorie recipe for Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato

This recipe makes one BLT. Begin by toasting 2 slices of 80 calories (or less) bread in your toaster. While toast is toasting, place 4 slices of bacon in the microwave between two sheets of thick paper towels. I used the 80 calories per 2-slices of bacon variety.

Spread toast with Miracle Whip Light Mayo (20 calories per serving). Add bacon, and a whole bunch of lettuce OR our favorite, baby spinach, and tomato slices. Total calories: about 375.

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