Healthy Baked Potato Recipe

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Diet Journal: Baby it's still cold outside - so time for baked potato....

Yesterday, the light sifting of the snow began in the late afternoon. Because the ground is so warm from recent temperatures, it didn't stay on the ground for very long, but it was sure pretty while it lasted.

Many of the fallen leaves contained a thin coating of the snow and our yard was lined with what appeared to be light whipped topping - but only for a short while. And it was quite magical. Of course.....this is perhaps a hint that we fell short in raking our fallen leaves - so yes, we've been bad.

But we really enjoy the crunch beneath our shoes when we go out and the copperheads that are prevalent to our area have sought shelter in their dens to hibernate for the long (or short) winter ahead - so the danger of stepping on a camouflaged copperhead is minimal.

We feel as if we've completely skipped a season - our favorite season of the year: autumn, although our trip to the Oklahoma/Arkansas Ouachita Mountains leave us little room for complaining.

Due to the cooler temps we've enjoyed a good deal of soup lately and Tom and I are all souped-out. So today, we're thinking about enjoying a delicious baked potato for lunch with all the trimmings.

Although most of us have been trained to believe that each and every meal must include meat, it just isn't so. And some of the happiest meals of my childhood included pancakes for supper as well as other breakfast foods. Now that was fun!

Potatoes tend to get warped on the head where calories are concerned but they are actually quite low. Here is a comparison which includes the entire potato - both skin and flesh:

- One Small potato that is approximately 1 to 2 inches in diameter contains 128 calories.

- One Medium potato that is approximately 2 to 3 inches in diameter contains 161 calories.

- One Large potato that is approximately 3 to 4 inches in diameter contains 278 calories.

Potato-wise, here's what is on our lunch menu for today:Diet Potato Recipe

Healthy Baked Potato Recipe

1 medium baked potato (161 calories)

1 slice of skim mozzarella cheese (60 calories)

1 Tablespoon of sour cream (60 calories)

no calorie butter spray

salt & pepper

Preparation & Serving Suggestions

To save about 20 calories, light sour cream can be used but when I'm enjoying a baked potato solo - I want to enjoy the full bodied taste of regular sour cream.

The entire potato contains about 281 calories and is ultra filling.

Here are some great suggestions for Tator Toppers:

- pickled jalapeno peppers, mushrooms, chopped onion, bell peppers, broccoli, and a slice of crumbled bacon that has been microwaved.

The mushrooms, onions and bell pepper can be sauteed in a bit of cooking spray beforehand if desired.

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