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Diet Journal: A new day dawns...

We awoke in the camping grounds to discover that Beaver's Bend State Park was alive with color!

Although the air was brisk, it felt like fall had certainly arrived and we savored every breath as we made our way to the restaurant embedded in the middle of the woods.

Time for Breakfast to Start the New Day, But Could It Be Healthier?

The restaurant staff was just arriving so we mingled near the nature center with our cameras. There were several pens located outside which housed injured fowl that were unable to be returned to the wild.

There was a beautiful Red Shouldered Hawk who was quite friendly. He kept yawning and I managed to snap a photo of 'the yawn' which was quite fun.

When the restaurant opened, my husband Tom and I discovered that they had a full breakfast menu - everything from pancakes to eggs.

We settled for biscuits with a bit of jam and my oh my - these biscuits just had to be homemade. These are the type of biscuits that I picture my great Grandma Taylor pulling out of her oven when I was a tiny girl.

We spent the rest of the day outside of the park and was thrilled to discover that there was a cabin available. Because foul weather was moving in, camping didn't appear so charming and we were in good need of revamping.

Our little Simon ferret was also traveling with us and he was getting tuckered and we were so pleased to learn that pets were allowed inside the cabins.

The downside was that the park was booked solid going forward - so we knew that we had to make the best of our time there, for we would be leaving on the morrow.

Wiser Planning Cuts Calories

Now if we'd been ultra smart, we would have visited the local grocery store and stocked the cabin refrigerator with food but we were too antsy to take photos and enjoy the fall colors.

That would also have assisted in keeping our selections healthier.

Given such, we headed out and threaded our way deeper into the mountains - the colors intensifying as we moved upwards.

Although the colors were not as brilliant as we've known them to be in previous years - we were having the time of our life. Until we stopped at the convenience store and met a cold supreme pizza.... See what I mean?

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