Positive Moods

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Changes are Part of Life & Dieting

Yesterday I was talking about how swiftly things can change - and that's exactly what happened to my husband Tom and me.

This morning we woke up and decided that we needed to take time to put all the every day struggles aside and go camping.

So we spent the day preparing for our camping trip and ended up visiting a lovely garden while we were in 'big town'. The gardens were so beautiful with the roses in full bloom. Many of the rose bushes were covered with multiple buds - so odd for November in our neck of the woods.

Here we were - roaming through a beautiful garden in the middle of November, late in the evening - in shorts and short-sleeved T-shirts! And even though the garden was beautiful, the lighting was harsh and strong - not the best conditions for photos.

Out of all the photos that I took, I didn't get any that were 'WOW' photos. This pond cypress provided a hint of the beauty lodged deep within the garden and I hope that we can return before the colors completely fade when the lighting conditions are more favorable.

Tomorrow we will head out for our camping trip and we are so excited. We don't plan to travel far, but we do plan to have fun. It's important to have fun with most everything that you do - and of course, there are times when having fun just isn't applicable.

Positive Moods for Positive Weight Loss

While dieting it's vital to the success of your plan to have a positive outlook - to expect positive things in your future. While you may not be losing weight at the moment - think about other positive aspects of your weight loss plan.

1. How do you feel about yourself since you began your diet plan? Proud? You should be. Perhaps more self-confident, too.

2. What about your body - how does it feel? Do you experience as many aches and pains as you did before you began your plan? What about digestive issues such as heartburn? Have those improved?

Take note that you might  be sore from starting your new activity plan, but as your body's muscles tone, those aches will quickly fade.

3. What about your clothing? Is your belt or waist of the clothes that you wear feeling looser? What about looser collars? Are your shoes feeling less tight? What about your rings and necklaces? Do they fit better?

Thinking about these positive aspects related to your weight loss plan can keep you focused to continue forward to meet your goals.

Moods Control How We Feel About Life

We have sad times. We have glad times. We have moods. We have lonely times. We have times when we wish that everyone around us would just leave us alone.

All of these factors are human traits and make us what we are - from how we might respond in a given situation, to how we are feeling at a given date and time.

So on this note, I want you to have the best day possible. If you are at work OR play  - have good thoughts. In my younger years - I worked for some real bears - and boy, were they gruff. Some were wooly boogers, but I made the best of it and moved on when the opportunity allowed.

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