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Diet Journal: How Quickly Things Can Change.....

Have you ever woke up one morning with big plans for the day only to suddenly find that your well-planned plans are going to heaven in a hand basket?  Me too!

So many things can effect our plans - from unpleasant arguments to the weather.

Even with the best of plans in place there is always room for disaster - always that tiny unseen crack, and it doesn't take a very large one for Mr. Disaster to enter through.

Particularly when it involves weight loss.

In the real world we can't always have a back-up plan.

If we're on the high road to adventure and wreck our car, get whiplash and spill our coffee or soda all over our Plan Book - then it's logical to say that adventure will have to wait for another day.

With this said, I've always stressed the importance of having a backup plan in place when one is losing weight. One to guard against those tempting fluffy cupcakes, those yeasty donuts and that handsome greasy cheeseburger.

BUT - there are always exceptions, even where weight loss is concerned.

Sometimes, things change - situations change.

A happy relationship may go sour, a new baby may suddenly enter the picture, work may grow stressful and so forth.

In short, your full focus may be required elsewhere and trying to lose weight in an already stressful situation may prove impossible because trying to lose weight is stressful in itself.

If this sounds familiar and you find that you must reroute your focus, pausing just a tab before putting that certain something inside your tummy can go a long way in keeping your weight stable until you can kick into Weight Loss Gear again.

Having a Sensible Weight Loss Strategy

1. Set those weight loss expectations too high and you'll fall long and hard. A doable, sensible plan is necessary for losing weight safely.

2. Adding excessive amounts of particular food groups to your plan - or specific foods won't accomplish permanent weight loss success. The human body requires well-rounded nutrition.

Therefore, base your daily diet on the Food Pyramid recommendations.

3. Adding excessive exercise to your weight loss plan is also a big mistake commonly made by new dieters. All those aches and pains combined with new feelings of hunger just isn't a great combination.

Instead, enjoy sensible amounts of activity. Know your body's limitations and don't overtax your system.

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