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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...

Have you even seen something and felt that it was so beautiful that it was the cat's meow? Then another person comes along (generally the mother-in-law) and insists that your beautiful something is definitely nothing special?

Unfortunately, it's a sad fact of life.

At times, we get to floating so high above the clouds in our beautiful balloon and someone thinks it's their job to blow out a dart and puncture our balloon to smithereens.

Even when it concerns our state of weight! And in this event, it's generally a poison dart.

Different Types of Weight Monitors

1. Family Members

At times, they mean well while at other times they may be upset over seeing weight gain issues - particularly when the situation involves a spouse or partner. Generally, men have more of an issue with their wife putting on pounds than vice versa.

There was a rather humorous situation in my own family; a relative was upset with his wife of 35 years for putting on too many pounds, as well as for not 'partying' with him as she did in her younger years. They were arguing at a family event (I know). She told him that he had gained weight too and he reminded her that he was still wearing the same size jeans that he did when they married.

She's a very smart lady, but when blind-sided - she gets frustrated and was too shocked to say anything. Fact was, the male family member had gained a good 50 pounds since they had married and now wore his jeans below his extended belly. The lady had four children over that span - and was over 50 years old. Other family members pointed out that one just doesn't party well after a certain age; at some point it is time to settle down.

On that note, it's quite common to put on pounds after having children, amid miscarriages and when one reaches middle age. The decrease in metabolic rate in tandem with the ageing human body can't burn the energy-in as it once did. In addition, each year muscle mass is lost when we reach middle age - which is unfortunate as it requires more energy to support than fat tissue, thus making our daily diet even more restrictive when one wants to keep their trimmer, younger shape.

2. Well Meaning Friends

The situation generally unrolls when friends haven't seen one another for a few years. While we are around people that we know and love each and every day - the gentle changes in our appearance aren't noticed. That's not the case with our friends and family members that we don't get to see that often.

One of the most in-the-face situations where age is quite noticeable is with celebrities. We don't see them every day in person. We see them now and then in the news, or when they entertain. These frequent, yet brief encounters allow us to see them age before our very eyes.

I recently took some pictures of our pets and was quite shocked when I compared earlier photos of them. My, how they have aged. And even pets can put on a few ounces or pounds as they age, particularly when they grow inactive. Because our pets are so old, they have the opposite issue; we have trouble keeping the weight on them. Some require special food as prescribed by their vet. Such is the same with many older individuals.

Speaking of which, while our weight is a major part of our younger life, at some point the focus shifts from appearance concerns to health concerns. Everything falls in if we live long enough. Darn that gravity!

3. Perfect Strangers

In my fat days, I once had a nosey bitty make a comment about my weight as I was shopping. I had chosen a beautiful outfit and she told me that I was too large for white. I purchased it anyway. Drat it all - she was right, too.  I got home, tried on the outfit and went right back to the store.

In Summary

You know - whatever size that you currently are you have a right to be happy. And no one has the right to steal that 'happy' from you. If you ever find yourself being targeted - for your weight or any other situation, please don't let it have a huge bearing on your day.

Although time has an effective way of erasing pain, deep emotional scars are often left behind which in turn can contribute to your state of weight. So seize the day - and the happiness that you truly deserve!


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