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How to Start the Morning Right, Cold Cereal on a Cold Morning

It's a beautiful morning in our area - the crisp feel of autumn in the air. And even though it's a bit chilly outside, a bowl of cold cereal sounded just perfect to start the day.

Being rather fond of Cheerios - both regular and Honey Nut, I tend to keep them stocked in the pantry. This morning, I grabbed for the Honey Nut and poured on one-half a cup of skim milk.

Measure Cereal For Accurate Serving Size

It may sound a bit bothersome to some, but one of my most valuable tips for keeping my weight under control has been using my measuring cups and spoons religiously.

While the human body has a set-point when keeps the number on our bathroom scales at basically the same number unless we go into 'steady overboard' mode, every calorie truly does count when one is working towards making an impact on the set-point.

While ten or twenty calories aren't going to be sufficient to make the numbers jump upwards, they do add up amid the day. Weighing ten pounds is often the result of consuming as few as 100 kcals over the body's energy needs. That equals a few carrot sticks, a rice cake and a bite of mashed potatoes.

Weight Loss & Weight Maintenance Tip Using Cereal

It's almost impossible to 'eye' a cup or a half-cup of liquid and there is no need to short-change your diet OR to consume more than you had intended.

cereal with bananaSkim for Slim

With skim milk at 80 calories per cup - it's not a biggie when an overage occurs but when dealing with 160-calorie per cup whole milk, those extra calories can add up to extra pounds which is just a pretty word for 'unwanted, unhealthy fat layers'.

Because Honey Nut Cheerios are naturally sweet (it's that little splash of healthy honey) there wasn't a need to add more sweetening powers.

And yes - all too often health experts are eager to jump on the bandwagon, protesting against the ills of sweet food selections, specifically those containing sugar. Well experts - welcome to the real world. Fact is, a little sugar isn't going to burn up the bathroom scales when enjoyed in moderation.

And for about 150 calories - breakfast was not only quick as a wink, it was delicious.

And those smashing oats also offer some healthy benefits and can even assist a body in getting their cholesterol at a healthier level.

If you enjoy cold cereal - don't count your healthy whole grains out when it comes to snack time. Serving sizes vary - so be sure to read those labels. Generally, a serving of bite-sized cereal can go a long way to satisfy the appetite for minimal calories.

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