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Diet Journal: Pizza trouble...

My husband and I visited a wildlife area today which was filled with marvelous gifts of nature - from deer to a curious ostrich. Although  we  went  to  have  fun - the adventure gave us an opportunity to get in a bit of activity as well as take some neato photos so that we could have something to remember our swell time.

Everywhere that we went, Ms. Ostrich followed us. I wonder if that had anything to do with the bag of feed that we had with us? The farm offered such when we registered to enter; it was pricey - but well worth the enjoyment it provided.

And this beauty in feathers was quite adamant. It wasn't until she had emptied out our feed bag that she decided she was bored with us, then galloped away - off to find another visitor with a bag of feed.

She was quite funny when running at a full trot, too! I was able to snap a photo of her before she quickly trotted into new territory.

Lucky for her, our feed bag had been purchased from the main station and was filled with feed that was specifically designed to meet her body's needs.

pizzaAnd unfortunately, some of the foods that many of are most attracted to are foods that aren't best for our bodies.

Enjoying Foods Your Like, So Many Weight Loss Plans

This is much like the foods and beverages which we select to go into our day. Some might be cheap while others are pricey. And the more expensive selections aren't always the most flavorful.

In fact, two people may order the identical menu item - with one dieter loving the food and the other, detesting the taste. This is just one reason why there are so many diets on the market these days.

And while some are very helpful, fact is - they are there to make a few bucks. The following example depicts how easy it is to mimic the food delivery versions:

Breakfast: cereal serving, fruit serving

Lunch & Dinner: choose a prepared frozen or canned meal at the market; check the nutrition labels for caloric values

Snacks: choose two fruits

Beverages: 2 cups of skim milk with meals, zero calorie drinks throughout the day and at meal time

It's Wise Decision Time

One tip that I use before putting anything into my tummy is this: " Food is energy is food."

I pause to ask myself, " Will this food benefit my body in a healthy way by providing energy OR will is simply provide energy without healthy benefits?"

Generally, the zero-type foods consist of the following: sugar, sugar and more sugar. And frankly, I've always been a Sugar Ant and realize that these type goodies present more pain and gain than they do pleasure time.

It's no guarantee that we won't walk straight into a chocolate chip cookie every now and then BUT pausing to ask ourselves questions before we choose does help in making one think about the types of fuel that want to plug into their bodies.

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