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Diet Journal: We Live & We Grow Old....

Today I went to help my dear old mother tend to her shopping needs. Bless her heart, it's getting more and more difficult for her to manage walking - much less a full blown shopping trip to the market.

We started out strong - pausing to stop by my daddy's grave to fill his vases with flowers.

It is difficult to believe he has been gone for so long. Not a day that passes when I don't think about him - particularly around the holidays. No one loved the holidays like my daddy.

Even as a child, I remember we celebrated with everything we had - and there were years when we sure didn't have much. Fact is, we always had love.

Growing Old & Weak, Gracefully is Much Like Dieting

But as the hours tic-tocked by, I noticed that my mother was growing weaker and weaker - no longer the strong pillow of strength that she had been when we had ventured out on our journey that morning.

The situation reminded me a lot of how an individual starts out on The Old Diet Trail. They start out strong - giving it all they've got. But after the days and weeks click by, they lose stamina. They lose focus. Willpower begins to wane.

If this sounds familiar, please don't be too hard on yourself. After all, we are only human and we all have our different tolerance levels.

Refocusing to Regain Energy Levels

If you find that you must pause to rest along your weight loss journey - it may be just the ticket to refuel your weight loss success.

The trick is pausing then getting right back on track as quickly as possible. The more time that fills the gap, the less likely you will be to continue with your weight loss plan.

It's so easy to think, "One day, I will succeed in losing all this unwanted fat but for now I'm going to enjoy myself and eat what I want to. There is always the future."

Fact is, life is never guaranteed. We never know the moment when we'll draw our final breath and move on to greener pastures. And what we eat certainly has a huge impact on our state of health.

Red Meat, Dietary Fat, Excess Calories, Cholesterol Woes

Here is our shortlist of foods which can contribute to an early death as well as health issues along with way:

- Red meat is mined with the undesirable fats, specifically saturated as well as cholesterol content. Over time, a build-up occurs within the arteries of the body which serve to circulate the blood. As the build-up intensifies, a blockage may occur - thus preventing the blood from efficiently reaching the heart, vital organs and the body's extremities.

Red meat should be limited in the daily diet and when consumed, a serving should equal no more than three ounces. Choices should be free of visible fat and little-to-no marbling in the meat. A three ounce serving will fit into the palm of the hand.

- The body's ideal weight is based on a range of numbers. For example, a woman who is 5'7" in height may weigh anywhere from 123 to 163 and be considered within her healthy range.

There are also tiers within the range based on the size of the body's skeletal frame. If her frame size is small, then her healthy range in pounds would be 123-136; medium frame: 133-147; large frame: 143-163.

Strive to be in the middle of the pack. For example, let's assume that this lady has a large frame. Her ideal size: 153 pounds.

If she gets ill, she will have a bit of padding to see her through her time of illness.

And if she starts to gain, she will have a window to work with before exceeding her healthy numbers.

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