Diet Corn Chip Chili Pie Recipe

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Our Diet Corn Chip Pie is Lower in Calories Than Traditional Recipes, Contains Minimal Ingredients

It seemed like a great day for some old-fashioned corn chip chili pie. When one is watching their waistline, preparing a chili pie can be challenging but it's certainly doable.

The chief concern while attempting to drop pounds is the caloric and dietary fat gram content of the end-result. While we can prepare our own favorite recipe for the chili - this time because we were short on time and were hungry we used canned instead.

There are many brands on the market these days that are fantastic, but in our humble opinion - it's really difficult to beat Wendy's chili recipe because it not only tastes fabulous, it's minimal in caloric content with the large container having just a tab over 300 calories.

The flavor is so close to our homemade version; on that note, we try to keep a container or two on hand in the freezer. We simply thaw, add the corn chips, the shredded low fat cheese and the chopped onion - but alas, we had none to be found in our freezer on this brisk autumn day.

Therefore, we turned to our dependable kitchen pantry and pulled out a can of 'lean beef' chili. It contains 1/2 the dietary fat grams of the original recipe that resides in this brand name.

If you enjoy turkey chili, it makes an excellent choice as turkey is lower in calories than beef. And it tends to contain less fat grams.

As a rule of thumb, aim for a chili that contains about 200 calories per cup - which will equal the serving size. Be sure to enjoy 1 full serving as indicated on the nutritional label; if you choose to add the corn chips and other ingredients and you only measure out a 1 cup serving, then you'll be cheating yourself on serving size.

The Recipe Ingredients

- 1 can of low calorie chili; be sure that it is low in fat because when combined with the corn chips, a 400 calorie serving would take the values over the cliff along with the chips, cheese and onion

- Corn chips, lightly salted; you can use the regular or the lower fat variety too; you can also opt to use saltine crackers instead.

- shredded reduced fat cheese such as skim mozzarella

Optional ingredients: chopped onion as well as bell peppers of any variety, garlic, pickled or fresh peppers including sweet peppers or hot jalapeno.

How to Prepare Diet Corn Chip Pie

The rest is simple! You can even skip this step if you choose not to add the onion.

Take a small pan and sauté a bit of chopped onion in a skillet and add to the chili OR you can enjoy the chopped onion in its raw state on your chili if you like - once the chili has  been thoroughly heated OR you can cook the onion as well as add raw to the completed dish.

Next, heat the chili then spoon out 1 cup into a deep bowl. Add 1 serving of cheese - either shredded or sliced work well. We added 60-calories per slice skim mozzarella cheese to our corn chip chili pie.

diet chili ingredient for Corn Chip Pie recipe + chili pepper, ingredient for Corn Chip Pie recipe + cheese ingredient for Corn Chip Pie recipe + corn chips, ingredient for Corn Chip Pie recipe  

Next, add 100 calories of your favorite corn chips OR crackers. We like to crush our into smaller pieces before adding to the pie.

If the cheese is being difficult and not melting, you can send it to the microwave for a good warm-up before adding the chips or crackers.

For 360 calories, you'll have a generous bowl of corn chip chili pie with cheese! And it's ultra filling and will stick with to your ribs for a long while to come.

To feel even fuller for longer, look for chili with beans. Beans are hard to beat with it comes to satiety powers

We recommend enjoying your corn chip chili pie with a soda which really sets off the meal.

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