Dieting: May is a Great Month to Start Losing

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Spring Has Sprung, Great Time to Begin Your Weight Loss Plan

You made it through the holidays of early and late fall and used fat-hiders to make it through the winter. But now that warmer weather is on the way, those unwanted pounds aren't looking pretty.

Warmer Months Hard On Overweight Individuals Making Them Feel Much Hotter Due to Excess Body Fat Insulation

And it's not only your appearance that's bugging you; it's also the oncoming onslaught of heat. When one is overweight - even minimally, those cumbersome fat layers add even more heat to a body.

They also make it more uncomfortable to move about - to perform the most simplest of tasks. Bending down is perhaps the worst of things as it can be very difficult to get back up.

But there is no need to stress-out about weighty matters - because you can start remedying the situation the very moment. There is no need to wait for the next meal or for tomorrow - or for a special day of the week to start losing the fat.

You can start right now.

Here are some of our favorite tips to assist.

Start losing by cutting empty calories from your daily eating plan.

These include regular soda, candy and even many sweet desserts and bakery items - and note that the emphasis is place on 'sweet', not complex carbohydrates, rather the simple ones.

Opt for Whole Grains

Speaking of carbohydrates, when it comes to the Grain Group - opt for the whole grains.

Trim Beverage Calories

Beverages present opportunity for a plethora of unwanted calories.  Dink water at meal time rather than sweet tea and soda and see the pounds melt away.

Fresh Fruit for Dessert, Limit Snacking & Add Activity To Your Day

Go fresh for dessert - opting for healthy fruits.

Limit snack times - or do away with them all-together when possible.

It's time to walk off the weight. Just 15 minutes per day - or 45 minutes every other day will accomplish good things.

Why May is an Excellent Month to Start Your Diet Plan

1. The weather is generally warm but not yet scorching hot, thus making activity more pleasant. For those in the deep south, March or April are going to be more manageable than May - but May is also a lot more manageable than July and August.

2. Swimsuit and short season are underway - and aren't you going to look trimmer in your kicky new outfits - ones that are a couple of sizes smaller than you currently wear.

3. The warmer weather makes us yearn for lighter meals - like salads. Eating heavy amid the heat makes us feel miserable. Just watch the salad dressing and the amount of added croutons.

In Summary

Whatever time of the year that you decide to lose weight - be firm and dedicated to your plan until your fitness goals are achieved.

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