Making Your Weight Loss Plan Healthy

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Questions to Ponder While Dieting

Sure - if you're reading Diet Bites then it's highly likely that you're seeking methods of pulling off that unwanted weight.

Now that you've arrived at the best diet site on the web, the questions that we'd like you to ponder include:

Are you simply interested in getting thin - not about having a higher level of health after your weight loss plan?

Are you looking to lose stored fat safely?

Once your plan is over, is one of your goals to be healthier?

Do you plan to go back to your former eating plan (yes, the one that got you too plump in the first place)?

What about exercise and activity? If you're exercising now in order to increase your fat loss results - do you plan to continue to exercise once you have achieved your goal weight?

All the Right Answers for Your Diet Plan

Fact is, because each of us have a diverse gene make-up there isn't any perfect or ideal formula that can render a successful weight reduction plan. The dieter must use common sense combined with their willpower to achieve permanent success.

Please know that after your plan ends, just like now - you'll continue to be tempted to eat and drink in excess OR foods and drinks that aren't the best choices for a healthy body.

After everything is said and done - we hope that you'll keep the following questions in mind when those times of temptation do arise. All of the following questions involve common situations that post-dieters face and must deal with at one point or another. See how you respond today - and down the road when these situations occur, remember back today and see if your responses differ or remain the same:

Do I really want that cookie, doughnut, slice of pie or extra serving MORE than I want to be at a healthy weight?

What can I do to shift my thoughts off of eating and drinking? Can I go shopping? Play a game? Work on a favorite hobby? Go for a walk? After all, I ate not too long ago. It's not true hunger that's bugging me - rather a case of the munchies.

Do I feel better at my thinner size than I did in my overweight condition?

How can I keep my thinner size? Do I have a backup plan to ensure that I won't regain the lost pounds?

Am I happier and more content at a smaller size than I was when I was plumper?

The holidays are here; do I let loose and enjoy them - eating freely and without the guilt? After all, I lost the weight before and I can accomplish such again. Or, do I use my good sense and enjoy a few holiday treats, allowing room for them in my daily caloric totals?

In Summary

The answers that you provide can set the stage for permanent weight loss success. Food and drink are wonderful things in our lives; we plan celebrations around them - and they make events in our lives more enjoyable. Without them, the body could not survive.

But when we overdo or abuse the amounts that we input into the body, the excess energy is stored in the fat cells - in some individuals, forever to remain.

It's so easy to gain excess pounds - and it only takes moments to eat or drink. But the effects of over-indulgence stick with us throughout our day.

There are plenty complications in life; we don't need the bother of worrying about how our excess weight is impacting our health, right?

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