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Losing Weight, But Losing It Safely

So you're considering a method for pulling off those unwanted pounds and you're not quite sure where to begin.

There are so many different methods these days - all touting to be the best.

Fact is, there is not a plan for losing weight on the planet that can take credit for anyone's success for losing weight.

And if there was one method that worked effectively - then wouldn't everyone be using that mode for melting pounds?

About Weight Loss Programs & Commercials Which Use Celebrity Endorsements

Even the programs who claim they are the best - and that have super stars pitching them have a plethora of individuals who tried that program - and it didn't work for them.

And if we're being brutally honest, those celebrities have specialized and personalized trainers who guide them through the process, step by step. The stars also have medical doctors and nutritionists that they can visit at the drop of a hat as money is no issue.

But to the common, everyday dieter - they only have their own level of willpower to lean on when the times get tough.

Even when the plan involves tasty meals and menus, weight gain issues are the result of eating addiction issues. It's much like telling an alcoholic, now go to the bar and just enjoy one drinky-poo. And oh - do this five times per day. Have one for breakfast, one for lunch, at mid-afternoon, in the evening and before retiring for the evening - and oh, just have one sip at each sitting and nothing more. Got it? Good!

Like that's going to work?

But this is what is expected of the common dieter - to plunge in, eat the meal plate, the planned snacks and to lose that weight by gosh!

The Eating Addiction Factor

To the individual who has never experienced an eating addiction, it appears such an easy task. These individuals tend to have advice coming out the kazoo, don't they?

And on that note, all the weight loss tips in the world won't be of any help when a dieter goes too far and becomes too restrictive in their noble attempt to lose those pounds; they end up falling off the ledge of sanity and into the Valley of Binge.

So yes, it's an extremely difficult world when we enter the dieting phase.

Remember those celebrities that we discussed above? How many actually keep the pounds off for good? Some keep regaining all and more of the lost weight, while some regain 5 to 25 pounds and keep talking about how they need to lose weight in order to fit their 50+ year old body back into that tiny bikini. There's no such thing as gracefully growing old, particularly when images can be photo-shopped in a jiffy these days.

As to your personal weight loss journey, it can be accomplished.

We're here to encourage you to lose that unhealthy weight; however - we're also here to warn that you should never rely on a particular method for losing pounds. You must rely on your will to lose them - not pills, supplements, planned menus and so forth.

Until you make your mind up that you're ready to lose the weight once and all forever, it can be an endless circle. Therefore, be certain before striking out; do pick a healthy plan - a doable plan. Stay as focused and motivated as possible and don't give up until you reach your fitness goals.

If you do give up, you're not ready. Take time out - and while you're studying your personal situation take care not to put on more pounds; find out what went wrong - why you weren't able to follow though. Then when the moment is right - try again, allowing no room for failure.

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