Sodium Recommendation Lowered

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Salt in the Daily Diet

The American Heart Association is recommending that the current Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) be decreased from 2400 milligrams to 1500 milligrams.

This is a significant decrease and is based on the impact that sodium has on heart related diseases such as stroke, kidney and heart disease.

In addition, many individuals are very susceptible to the negative side effects of sodium which in turn can trigger the following symptoms:

an increase in blood pressure

bloating due to sodium producing a craving for liquids

abdominal pain or discomfort

an increase in body weight which lasts until the retained water is released from the body

Salty Foods Associated With Obesity

Another good reason to cut back on the old shaker is because many of the foods that are associated with high sodium content are also associated with high fatty acid content. Just a few include the following foods:

Fast food as well as food served in fine dining establishments.

Chips, including potato chips, cheese balls, corn chips and pretzels.

Cheese; a one ounce serving of regular Cheddar contains almost 200 milligrams of sodium. Other cheeses that should be limited due to high salt content include cottage and cream cheeses. One cup of regular cottage cheese contains about 800 milligrams of salt.

Pickles, including other foods that are products of the brining process such as olives, pickled okra, cabbage, eggplant, boiled eggs and hog feet.

Top 10 Foods Highest in Sodium Content


Serving Size


Onion Soup, Dry Mix 1 packet


Miso 1 cup


Table Salt 1 teaspoon


Seasoned Bread Crumbs 1 cup


Fast Food Shrimp 6 - 8 breaded and fried


Self Rising Yellow Cornmeal 1 cup


Fast Food Sub Sandwich 1 six-inch sandwich


Wheat Flour, self rising, all purpose, enriched 1 cup


Soup, beef broth 1 packet


Sauerkraut, liquids and solids 1 cup


Other foods that top the list include: cookie type pie crusts, homemade potato salad, fast food cheeseburger with bacon, tuna salad sub sandwich, tomato products, baking soda and other leavening agents, fast food biscuit containing egg and sausage, cheese sauce, refried beans, cured ham, baked beans with franks, fast food pancakes, many seasoning packets as well as pre-made quick meals found at the store in the pasta and rice sections as well as those in the frozen food area.

In Summary

Studies support a longer, healthier life when sodium consumption is kept to a minimum. While the human body requires salt for overall good health, we generally get most of what the body needs from the natural foods consumed throughout our day.

Limiting the amount you use in your daily diet may not only improve your current state of health, it might also increase your quality of life as well as your life span.

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