Foods Containing Four Calories

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Foods Containing Only 4 Skinny Calories

We've several options while dieting when it involves skinny foods. All of the foods on our list below contain only four tiny calories.

But if we want to get down to the nitty gritty, we could make ALL foods contain only 4 calories. We'd just have different amounts of these foods. For most fruits, there would be more food - as well as for most vegetables. But for margarine, butter and other fats - even a smear would hold more than four calories.

Let's look at a few suggestions for the following foods in your weight loss plan.

Parsley, Garlic, Carrots & Tomatoes

A word about parsley. I don't like it. I got sick off of it once and I can't tolerate the flavor. Even now - thinking about it makes my gut boil, It's best used as an ingredient in soups and stews and other casserole-type recipes. I would not recommend eating it raw. You'll likely get ill by doing such. Just like I did.

As to the garlic, carrots and tomatoes - yeah baby - bring them on. All are very healthy and yes, so skinny in calories and fat values.


Some say coffee has heart healthy benefits while others disagree. Fact is, I love coffee. I didn't even discover it's beautiful flavor until I was well into my forties. I was a soda girl before that, but after I lost all that excess bulk - I was suddenly drawn to coffee. If you get the jitters when you drink it - try the caffeine free versions. They sill contain scant amounts of caffeine, but nothing close to the full-blown coffees.


Use freely for seasoning purposes in diet wise recipes. Adding just a pinch of ground cinnamon to cocoa can liven up flavor - or a dash of vanilla extract to milk. The possibilities are endless, the results delicious.

4 Calorie Foods List



Carrots, baby, raw - 1 medium

Diet Tip: Shred a few baby or large carrots, add a spoon or two of reduced fat salad dressing and golden raisins and you'll have a healthy, low calorie salad to accompany that roasted chicken breast on your meal plate.

Carrots are super rich in Vitamin A content and they are delicious when boiled, grilled, pan or oven roasted - or in their raw, natural state.


Coffee, instant, regular, prepared with water, 6 fluid ounces.

Take note that while plain coffee is low in calories, specialty coffees can add scored of calories. Some fast food restaurant blends contain over 500 kcals per item. When cream is part of the recipe, they can exceed 900 per item.


Parsley, fresh - 10 sprigs


Tomatoes, red, ripe, raw, year round average, per slice


Spices, parsley, dried, per Tablespoon


Strawberries, raw - one strawberry


Spices, oregano, dried - per Teaspoon


Seaweed, kelp, raw - 2 Tablespoons


Sauce, salsa, ready-to-serve, 1 Tablespoon


Garlic, raw - per 1 clove


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