Fish in the Daily Diet

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How Many Servings?

Strive to get 2 serving of fish and shellfish on your meal plate during the week.

All contain impressive amounts of vitamins and nutrients - including Omega-3 fats  which can assist in preventing heart disease and other unfortunate maladies.

Adults of average size should consume about 8 ounces per week with smaller individuals and children eating a bit less. One small can of tuna equals about 4 ounces.

One small trout equals about 3 ounces. One small salmon steak equals about 4 ounces while a medium equals 5 and a large, 6 ounces.

Fish High in Omega-3 Fat, Low in Mercury Content

These include salmon, trout, oysters, Atlantic mackerel, Pacific mackerel, herring and sardines.

Canned white tuna contains more Omega-3 benefits but the dark is lower in mercury content.

Fish Tips for Dieters

If you're fishing for weight loss, Diet Bites tips are here to assist. They can help you make the best choices for your diet - and keep you on track with weight loss.

Utilize Healthiest Cooking Methods

1. You don't want to add fats so opt for healthy cooking methods such as grilling, pan or oven roasting - and steaming.

Every time that you add a pat of butter or margarine - or other fat you're adding about 120 calories per Tablespoon. Even the caloric content of the lighter margarine can add up quickly to lots of fat, lots of unwanted calories.

Season Fish With Spices Rather than Marinades, Batters & Dips

2. Rather than adding batter and dips, season with spices that won't add calories. Great options include rosemary, dill, lemon juice, thyme, cumin or tarragon.

Thinking Outside of the Diet Box for Unique & Tasty Fish Recipes

3. Many selections from the waters go great in salads and sandwiches - or in hearty soups and stews such as oysters.

The Inexpensive Fish

These tend to be: whiting, sardines, tilapia, canned tuna and some varieties of frozen seafood. If you're fishing for tuna at your local market, the Albacore should be limited. It's on the FDA's list of foods to limit in the daily diet. The healthier catch is the light tuna packed in water rather than those packed in oil.

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