What Causes Painful Hemorrhoids?

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Causes of Hemorrhoids

Did you know that something as simple as dieting can trigger a bad case of hemorrhoids? Dieters tend to experience either constipation or diarrhea when changing their normal dietary habits - and either can cause or contribute to this painful malady.

Other causes include the following conditions and situations.

1. Taking too much time on the toilet.

This is one answer that was provided by every professional doctor that I've spoken to about this issue over the years. The design of the toilet has the ability to apply strain on the bottom of the body. In addition, when people can't 'go' they may sit and strain repeatedly which also causes or contributes to tissue damage.

2. Weight gain.

It's taxing on several areas of the human body - but simply put, the more than an individual weighs, the more they are going to visit the restroom. A body that was intended for a much lighter load simply isn't equipped to handle the overload.

3. Pregnancy and delivery of the baby.

As the mother strains, it has the potential to create tissue damage.

4. Bouts of diarrhea and constipation.

Both are equal offenders. Diarrhea irritates the fragile tissues while constipation involves straining which can cause hemorrhoids.

Straining Via Lifting & Lack of Dietary Fiber in Daily Diet

5. Lifting; again - this applies strain to the body.

6. A daily diet that is negligent in dietary fiber.

Symptoms of Hemorrhoids

1. The abdominal area may experience significant pressure because the opening that allows waste to escape is partially blocked with swollen, inflamed tissue.

2. Streaks of blood may be exhibited in the waste or on the tissue paper. Significant amounts may indicate a fissure which requires immediate professional attention.

3. Pain may shoot up from the bottom end up through the abdominal area.

4. It may be difficult to 'go' and at times, it may feel like one is trying to pass tin cans and broken glass.

5. The individual may feel like they need to empty the intestine, even after going. The pressure being exerted in that area creates the desire to 'go'.

Home Remedies for Hemorrhoids

Witch hazel may offer some relief to the area; blot with a clean cotton ball.

Suppositories and creams can assist in shrinking hemorrhoids but when pain and discomfort become too difficult to manage, it's best to check with a professional doctor for remedy.

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