New Year, New Slate, New Diet

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Starting Off the New Year in a Healthy 'Weigh'

No doubt about it, when we start another year it presents opportunity for setting our life on a healthier course.

And when personal plans make life-changing events part of their resolution for the year, if they follow through and remain steadfast with their goals - the bountiful rewards that will come can enrich their lives forever.

During the month of January, more people will strive to lose excess body fat. Out of the millions that will make at stab at this excellent quest, only a small percentage will succeed - less than 5%.

Therefore, if you're planning on dieting - then you must set out with a positive state of mind. If you waiver amid your journey - it only takes the smallest of missteps for failure to become the dominant factor of the equation.

Individuals With Surmountable Help When Losing Still Regain

Let's take a look at just a few examples that are now part of our history - situations that cannot be discounted as we have seen them play out before our very eyes.

1. Celebrities and stars advertising particular plans for losing fat, only to regain after a season.

Keep in mind the following:

If you were paid a million or more dollars to lose all the excessive pounds on your body, what would your success rate be? Quite high, if you're like most!

During the course, the celebrity has every avenue of assistance available to ensure they will succeed. After all, the very foundation of the company's reputation and validity they are pitching is at stake. Stars have personal trainers, dieticians which build meals around personal preferences - and assistance for emotional support amid this time.

After the stint has ended, some go on to regain the weight and then they'll end up trying a new method for losing. Again, they will lose and then regain. It can be a horrible, dizzy circle at times.

But you know what? Good for them to keep trying, right! Anyone who is that dedicated to finding a solution to their eating addiction is more apt to discover such than those who do not seek remedy.

2. Reality stars on television shows focusing on body reduction.

After the show has ended, even those who lost all the excess will regain. When the support structure vanishes, the fat tends to easily reappear. And once the body has been plumped-up, those Fat Storage Cells are much easier to refill; gaining comes much easier the second, third, etc. times around.

3. We don't need stars to see the downfall of dieting.

Just look around you - and at the people you are familiar with in your everyday life. How many are overweight? How many have lost weight? And did they keep it off or did they regain?

How to Succeed at Losing Weight

In order to succeed amid your notable quest, let's get back to the beginning of this article as we have a trail that we can follow. Remember that 'less than 5%' that we mentioned at the beginning?

This set of individuals were able to lose and to keep off the excess. What did they do differently? Odds are, amid the weight loss process, they lost just like most people do - by trimming down the amount of calories in their daily eating plan and by adding a healthy dose of activity to their schedule.

So what's different? Why did they experience permanent success? Because they made a life-change. They didn't want to return to their former state of diet OR mind. They wanted a healthier body, a better quality of life - to look and feel their best. This is something that anyone can accomplish if they truly want to do such.

And when you're ready to lose permanently, you'll know. That last plan will be much different than any that you've ever went on before. I'm a living example of such along with that 'less than 5%' and I encourage you to find that special something within you - and use it to experience your life-changing event.

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