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New Year's Resolution to Lose: It's Never Too Late to Start Making Healthy Resolutions Reality

You made a resolution around the holiday season that once the new year rang in that you would start your weight loss plan.

In fact - you anticipated and planned your future diet so strongly that you overate amid the holidays, assuming that you'd take off the gained girth when your diet kicked into place.

New Year's Diet Failure - What to do NOW

But time marched forward and you've let those plans in the holiday dust.

Oh - you tried. You attempted to lose starting January 2nd and then you were invited to a New Year's party and everything went to 'Diet Heck in a Hand Basket'.

Those little cheesecake tarts were simply too pretty too resist. And oh my, those pecan tassies were a total delight to the taste buds.

But now, you've stepped onto the scales.

You see that since early fall, you've added twenty pounds more to your body frame - all of it gained amid the holiday rush. And it seems as if those unwanted pounds rushed onto your body frame. Surely  you didn't do that much damage? But then again, based on those unfortunate numbers staring back at you, yes you did.

But now it's mid-January and you're still not doing anything positive that would trigger fat loss. It's just too late. You'll have to wait until next year and try again because this year you've failed.

But wait!

It's never too late to make your goals for the new year come true.

In fact, this situation rings true to my personal life. I had made plans to lose after the holidays - gaining a lot of weight during Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and yes, New Year's.

I was more than 100 pounds overweight at the time - over two decades ago.

It was mid-January and the diet that I had planned on going on come January 2nd had failed. It was at that moment that I decided that I was finally going to get the weight off and keep it off. And that's exactly what I accomplished.

In Summary

It's never too late to start losing when it comes to excess body fat. Losing fat is winning a higher rank of health - as well as a higher quality of life.

Having been through this situation myself, I strongly encourage you to start losing today!

You'll be so proud of what you accomplish.

As a note, it took me about a year of heavy dieting to lose about 120+ pounds. I remember being so frustrated with myself for allowing that much fat to build onto my body - and when one is elfin size like myself (5' tall, just barely) with a small body frame size - even five extra pounds can make one look chubby. Imagine over 100 big ones!

As the weight came off, the frustration was replaced with a feeling of accomplishment.

Rather than being upset and frustrated with myself, those feeling were replaced with a sense of pride over what I had accomplished. And I wish the same for those of you in similar situations. I'll assist you all that I can through the articles posted at Diet Bites.

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