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Let's Pretend All the Excess Fat is Gone

That's right - all of the extra pounds that sent your body over its recommended healthy size have been lost.

The throbbing question remains:

"What will you do now?"

If all of the excess was off, how would you proceed?

1. Would you carefully monitor your daily eating plan to ensure that you didn't experience regaining what was lost?

2. Would you continue to add a healthy dose of activity to your daily schedule?

3. Or would you happily return to your former eating plan, reminding yourself that even if you do regain - you can always re-lose. After all, you did it once - and you can do it again.

If you answered one or two - then good for you.

But something to consider that might assist you now rather than later, after the plan has ended.

In your mind - you may have already reached your recommended size. Your body just needs time to get there. Be patient and keep on track once you reach your fitness goals.

If you answered three.....

The Unhealthy Things We Do That Places Our Good Health at Risk

1. By latching onto the coattails of your former eating plan, you will most assuredly regain all the pounds that were lost. All that hard work - all the times that you endured being hungry and tempted, all wasted efforts if you are to arrive right back where you began.

2. The particulate matters in the atmosphere become collected within the body as we live and breathe.

The human body is a marvelous machine and is able to fend off cell damage in most circumstances. And once these harmful elements are collected and stored in the fat cells when overeating occurs, they are relatively dormant and potential damage ceases.

When an individual decides to lose weight, these potentially harmful elements are re-released.

The second time around, the body might not be so effective in warding off cell damage. Risks increase for older individuals, those with compromising immunity systems and for those with particular health conditions, including those conditions that might be hidden.

3. By choosing the third answer, this speaks loudly that you are not ready to experience a life-change.

If you continue to lose and gain, you're at a high risk for the Yo-Yo Dieting Syndrome which presents more risks and ill health effects to the body than being at a steady weight - even when pounds exceed recommended size.

In Summary

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