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When Good Dieting Plans Go South

How many times have you thought about losing those unwanted fat layers, yet have failed to do anything positive about your situation?

Laced within your thoughts were most-likely the following:

1. I need to go on a restricted calorie diet.

2. I need to limit the amount of fatty foods that I'm eating.

3. Avoiding fried foods is something that I really need to start doing in order to be healthier.

4. Resist desserts is tough, but it's what I need to do to lose.

5. I love soda and soda loves my larger hips, thighs, abdomen, plumper shoulders, fatter knees and neck - and my double chin that is quickly turning into a trio layer of unwanted fat.

6. If I could just exercise more I know that this excess baggage would go away.

7. I'd feel a lot better too - and more energetic.

8. And those lousy snacks; they have gone from snack time to grazing time because I find myself eating all day. I really need to establish a healthier eating plan - sticking to three good meals per day and a couple of snacks which include fresh fruit selections.

And after all of these great thoughts that would lead to a leaner you - they simply drift away - at times, into infinity.

Why Good Intentions Turn Sour - Restricted Dieting

1. Going on a restricted diet isn't fun; it's a whole lot of work and when one has a lot of pounds to drop, it's an overwhelming situation.

Holidays & Events Which Ruin Your Diet

2. Something else moves into your life - generally a holiday, vacation or other celebratory moment. This can take those good intentions off track in nothing flat.

Lack Drive & Willpower to Succeed With Losing the Excess Pounds

3. Not enough Willpower or Motivation to lose. These two elements of dieting act like oil and gas do in a car's engine. Without one, the engine will blow. Without Willpower or Motivation - the plan to lose will also blow away.

When Illness Intervenes With Dieting

4. Illness - whether personal or involving a family member or friend derails plans to lose.

Procrastinating Weight Loss

5. Procrastination. It's simply less stressful to continue with your current unhealthy eating plan. After all, it's fun to eat what we want and like - and as much of it as we care to have, too.

In Summary

Don't be like most individuals who have all of these wonderful dreams to lose that never come to pass. Don't allow the dream to become your master - instead, make them come true. You know what to do; all of the above eight elements can lead to a healthier, leaner body. Isn't it time to finally get on track? You'll be so glad that you did!

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