Muscle Loss While Dieting

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Don't Lose More Than You Want To Or You Might Be Losing Muscle Rather Than True Fat

When one is dieting - it's all about losing those unsightly, uncomfortable and at times painful - both emotionally and physically - layers of fat.

But there is a point where an individual can lose more than they should - such as muscle mass.

Muscle mass is composed much differently in our body in comparison to fat mass.

Let's take a look at our definitions of each, presented in layman's terms:

Definition of Muscle Mass

Compacted, lean and the origin of physical strength when prompted by signals giving direction within the body. Think of this centralization as a circuitry that is dormant until the power is switched on.

Definition of Fat Mass

If we were to visually view this mass we'd see that it looks much like wads of chicken fat.

Thank goodness that as we gain weight the body deals with the excess energy values and stores them neatly into cells which add a smooth extra layer to the body - rather than grouping globs all over the place, creating a bumpy body.

Sure, the cellulite causes dimpling at times - but take note that even thin individuals deal with cellulite.

Let's take a look at the muscles within the human body -  keeping in mind that the heart is the largest among the pack.

Muscle Chart, Muscles in the Human Body

Chart containing muscles within the human body.


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