Dieting Tips: 5 Healthy Grain Group Foods

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6 - 11 Daily Servings of Grain, When Dieting OR Not

Because more daily servings are recommended for the Grain Group per day than for any other food group, it can be challenging for a dieter who is trying to trim the number of calories in their eating plan to get all of these servings tucked into their day.

In addition, foods which reside within the Grain Group tend to be high in caloric values. Even that cardboard-tasting rice cake contains 50 or more calories, depending upon the brand purchased.

A slice of bread can range from 35 to over 135 calories. I've seen slices that hold over 200 big ones!

On that note, here are five low calorie selections from the Grain Group that can easily fit into almost any healthy weight loss plan.

Whole Grain Tortillas for Your Diet Plan

1. Corn Tortilla - It's packed with whole grain goodness and the corn base can assist in quelling appetite. For a minuscule 45 to 50 calories each, it's makes a terrific choice for dieters. Stuff with beans and rice to increase nutritional values.

2. Flour Tortilla - While this food selection is also a tortilla - the four version is as different from the corn as oatmeal bread is from rye. Look for the smaller varieties containing about 80 kcals for your plan. The large ones are too hefty in energy values to comfortably fit.

Popcorn Cakes - Give Yourself a Little Variety From Rice Cakes

3. Popcorn Cakes - At 40 kcals each they can be topped with everything from nut butters to fresh fruit.

It's Not All About White Bread

4. Multi-Grain Bread - For 60 to 80 kcals per slice it makes a much healthier choice over plain white bread.

Cereal for Whole Grains While Dieting

5. It's difficult to beat cereal when it comes to whole grain goodness.

One of our favorite suggestions is one 'bale' of Shredded Wheat cereal for a minimal 80 calories.

Add 1/2 cup of reduced fat milk, a teaspoon of sugar and you'll have an excellent snack for a tab over 100 kcals.

Or add a fresh fruit selection for breakfast - we like sliced banana - and you'll have a winning combination for your breakfast menu.

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