Free 30 Day Diet & Weight Loss Plan

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Diet Bites Free 30 Day Diet Plan

After all, summer is just around the corner and in order to look stellar in a swimsuit, to sweat less and to feel just dog-gone great  - you'll want to start dropping pounds NOW in preparation for the warmer, whimsical summer months that lie in the near future.

This free diet can be started at any time.

ANY lunch menu may be exchanged for ANY dinner menu as they contain the same number of calories. Keep in mind that you should feel motivated to personalize this free diet plan.

Nothing is set in stone. Adjust where needed, keeping calorie intake in mind. That's how ALL weight loss programs and plans should be structured as we were all created differently.

Purpose of Free 30 Day Diet Plan

The purpose of our free diet plan is to illustrate that weight loss can be accomplished with foods that are familiar in the common daily diet - such as pizza, hot dogs, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, lasagna, spaghetti, tacos, enchiladas, quesadillas, burritos, egg rolls and yes - even fast foods and desserts such as chocolate, puddings and cookies.

Incorporating fast foods as well as favorite foods into your daily diet and learning how to manage them can pay off in the area of weight maintenance for the remainder of your life. And many fast food establishments are jumping on the Healthy Band Wagon, offering tasty, low calorie, low fat options - not to mention the improved and healthy options popping up at your local market.

Embedded within the free menus are links leading to other areas of Diet Bites which we feel expand on certain recipes OR which may serve to enrich the diet plan and your  weight loss experience.

1500 Calorie Diet Plan

Our free 30 Day Diet &Weight Loss Plan is based on a 1,500 calorie per day diet it's not a wacky diet plan or a fad diet plan, rather a weight loss plan based on the Official Food Pyramid. As with any calorie-reduced daily diet plan, be sure to get your doctor's thumb's up before starting.

Number 1 - you want to make sure that you're ready to diet, Number 2 - that you're able to go on a calorie reduced diet plan, and Number 3 - that you don't have a hidden condition which is contributing to your weight, such as pregnancy or diabetes which will require a specialized daily diet.

Activity Recommendations for This Diet Plan

As to activity, try to do something active that you enjoy for 10-15 minutes each and every day. A nice walk is an excellent example, or flying a kite or shooting hoops or even baking a loaf of bread the old-fashioned way. Anything to get you moving. And keep in mind that the more you get your body and heart rate moving (to a safe level) the more benefits your body receives.

Beverage Notes

This free weight loss plan ends each night with a bedtime shake.

It's just a nice touch to end the day with, particularly with the warmer weather at hand. If it's still cold in your area and a shake doesn't sound appealing - enjoy a cup of hot cocoa prepared with skim milk, cocoa powder and Splenda OR anything else you wish up to 100 calories.

In addition, feel free to add as many zero calorie beverages to your diet as you wish to enjoy. If you drink coffee, keep in mind that sugar contains 16 calories per teaspoon and most powdered creamers contain about 10 - 15 calories per teaspoon.

The tiny creamer containers contain far more, particularly if they aren't sugar free and/or reduced fat. As a note, I am a HUGE coffee and tea lover - so I get my 'fix' by drinking decaf. It wasn't easy switching over, but I'm glad that I did as I'm no longer a walking zombie with the shakes.

I add Borden's creamer to my coffee (10 calories) and Splenda (zero calories). If I want it extra creamy, then I'll double the creamer. So for 10 to 20 calories, I've got a pretty darn-good tasting cup of java. Tea generally gets a bit of Splenda, and so it's a zero calorie treat which can be enjoyed hot or cold. Blueberry tea is exceptional. If you have issues sleeping, give the Sleepy Time type teas a try.

More Beverage Notes - Consume as many zero calorie beverages as you desire. Your best choice of course, is water. But take note not to fuel your body with too many fluids - particularly water as an imbalance can be created in the body which can result in severe life-threatening issues, including death. The body requires from 6 - 8 cups (not glasses) of water per day and this amount is inclusive of the water contained in the foods we eat.

Add extracts and spices for zero calories to almost any drink to take it up a level. Vanilla extract plus a bit of ground cinnamon is just one example. A bit of imitation butter extract plus a splash of rum extract creates a butter-rum specialty coffee or hot tea.

Breakfast Notes - and YES, you must eat breakfast! As a health note, most overweight individuals do not eat breakfast. By eating breakfast, blood sugar is more apt to stay regulated and you'll also be jump-starting your metabolism. Now those are great reasons to embrace a healthy breakfast!

We hope that you'll bookmark this page and follow our free 30 day diet plan which starts tomorrow. And of course, even if you don't go on the diet, you can snag tons of tips and ideas that can assist you in dropping those extra pounds. We have tried our best to include common foods that will be found in the everyday pantry, but you may wish to review our free diet plan for one week, then do your shopping and begin your diet at that time. Good luck and please share Diet Bites with your friends and family.

Let's begin with Day 1 of the 30 Day Diet & Weight Loss plan by viewing here. Snack tips located here.


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