Quick Pasta Tips for Dieters

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Easy Dieting Tips for Pasta Lovers

For our pasta lovers - have we got some healthy diet and weight loss tips for you! Here we go:

Serving pasta separate from the sauce can slash tons of calories and fat.

Monitor Meat Sauces

Meat sauces tend to be much heftier in calories than those without - so when preparing sauces at home, opt for the leanest cut of meat available. When dining out, opt for veggie based sauces.

Cream Sauces Excessive in Fat & Calories

Cream sauces such as divine Alfredo can wreak havoc when it comes to fat and calories. A marina or a red-based sauce will tend to hold extremely less calories.

Most varieties of pasta contain about 200 calories per cup. Whenever possible, measure your serving.

Other than sauces, many of us enjoy adding other tidbits to our pasta. To keep calories and fat under wraps, opt for sauteed mushrooms over cheese as well as other veggies. Another great option? Sun-dried tomatoes. Sweet - a bit chewy and a perfect compliment to pasta.

Pass Up the Bread Basket When Dining Out

When dining on pasta, the blow up the bread basket and instead opt for some healthy veggie buddies to go with your meal. If you must enjoy bread - limit yourself to 1 serving.

Whole Grain Pasta for Healthy Benefits

Whole grain varieties of pasta offer another splash of nutritional benefits to your daily diet over 'regular' pasta.

How to Easily Prepare Pasta

When preparing pasta at home, we have a quick-as-a-wink microwave tip for those with ultra busy schedules. Even when Tom and I aren't in a rush, this is our tried and true method:

Place pasta in a deep microwaveable bowl - taking care not to fill more than 1/2 way. Next, cover the pasta with fresh water. Water should rise about 1 inch above the pasta. We go a step further in removing starch by draining the pasta, then refilling our bowl.

Next, place bowl into microwave and set on high for twenty minutes. We've never had a boil-over using this method - so please keep an eye on your microwave just in case you do. Boil-over's are never fun.

In twenty minutes, you should have perfect pasta. Simply drain, rinse and drain once more to remove even more starch.

Our method works on all varieties of pasta.

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