Low Calorie, Low Fat Recipe for Vegetarian Tacos

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

This tasty recipe is ultra low in calories and contains no meat - thus Vegetarian friendly.

Even if you're not vegetarian, odds are - you'll never miss the meat, as well as the fat and extra calories that tend to accompany meat - in particular, ground beef.

Depending upon your personal vegetarian daily diet plan, you may need to alter this recipe in regards to dairy products.

How many calories in these tacos? This entire  recipe contains about 800 calories excluding use of cheese and sour cream - so about 100 calories per healthy taco.

Fast Food tacos containing ground beef are much fattier and contain about two times the caloric values of this recipe.

In addition, fast food tacos tend to be very limited in ingredients; ours are piled high and overflowing with healthy foods.

Low Calorie Recipe Ingredients for Vegetarian Tacos

1 can of black beans (drain them thoroughly) As a note, you can also opt for veggie refried beans.

chili powder, ground cumin (adjust to suit personal taste)

8 taco shells, warmed

3 cups of shredded lettuce + 1 small chopped tomato + chopped onion

Grated cheese, salsa, picante & sour cream - optional toppings

light sour cream (optional)

How to Prepare Vegetarian Tacos

This is a very simple, earthy recipe that can be prepared in a flash.

Simply add the rinsed beans to a non-stick pan (use cooking spray if beans try to stick). When beans are warm, add chili powder and cumin. I use about 2 Tablespoons of chili powder and 1 teaspoon of ground cumin - but as noted above, please adjust to suit your personal taste.

Simply fill taco shells with beans and add salad and any toppings you desire.

If you don't like black beans - use your favorite variety. Pinto beans also work exceptional well, as do the pre-seasoned canned chili beans.

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