Fad Diets for Quick Weight Loss

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Healthy Diet or Fad Diet?

Marianne was desperate to drop fifty pesky pounds. On Monday she tried a Healthy 3-Day Diet based on the Official Food Pyramid.

On Thursday she wandered over to explore a Grapefruit Diet which also placed the focus on a healthy daily diet, and on Sunday she was thrilled to discover that she had dropped 7 of her pesky pounds.

For the most part hopping from diet to diet ends up with the dieter putting on more pounds than they needed to lose BUT it's also a way of keeping weight loss exciting.

We have but one tiny caveat to add: 'The diets should be healthy and based on the Official Food Pyramid.'

Amazing Transformation After Weight Loss

When kissed by a butterfly, one might not even realized that they have been kissed because they are so tiny in comparison to mankind, and they are so light - like  feather.

Losing weight is a lot like that - being touched but having no realization that we've been touched. While we are on our weight loss plan we trim calories and dietary fat grams - and we exercise our buns off (literally). But we may not visualize any changes in the mirror.

However, we're being touched in the area of fat loss but we just don't see it on the outside yet; many great things are transforming and taking root inside our bodies.

Our bad cholesterol is getting better while our good cholesterol is increasing in strength with each passing day of our weight loss plan. Our high blood pressure is also reducing - and we are breathing easier due to less pressure on the lungs due to fat layers. However, we may not see any changes on the exterior for some time.

Think of the situation as the arteries in the body. When the individual has a 10% blockage, it's going to take a while for blockage to reach 100%.

But when the individual has a 90% blockage, it's not going to take a significant time for the artery to close because there is less room to fill. While it may have taken years to reach the 10% blockage, it may only take a few weeks or months to close that 90% gap.

While the individual with the 10% blockage may exhibited zero-to-minimal side effects or symptoms due to blockage, the individual who is at 90% will most likely be quite ill - emitting breathing issues, weakness and difficultly in thinking.

Layers of Fat Take Time To Reveal Results of Weight Loss

Therefore, when there are several layers of fat to be removed - it takes a while before the results begin to show.

So when we remain determined, one day - we gaze into our looking glass and WOW, we've suddenly undergone a great transformation just like the feather-light butterfly.

Those little things - those butterfly kisses, they really add up over the long term if we remain patient and continue to have faith in our extensive efforts to lose weight.

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