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Day 19 Diet Meal Planner

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Diet Breakfast  Menu - 300 Calories (energy)

2 biscuits (up to 250 calories) + Country Gravy (up to 50 calories, generally 1/2 cup)

Yes - you can even enjoy biscuits and gravy while losing weight! We often use gravy mix and use skim milk in place of water.

Although this isn't the healthiest breakfast on the planet, the skim milk and the grain from the biscuits do offer some nutritional benefits.

Nutritional Notes: This free diet breakfast menu contains 2 grains, 0.5 dairy.

Mid-Morning Snack - 50 Calories (energy)

Diet Lunch Menus - 500 Calories (energy)

Egg salad sandwich. Simply boil 3 eggs. Use one whole boiled egg + only the whites of the other two eggs to make this tasty egg salad. Mash add a bit of pickle relish, some chopped black olives if you like as well as chopped pimento. Add a dash of paprika, salt and pepper.

Add 1 Tablespoon of Miracle Whip Light. Spread between 200 calories worth or bread, crackers, pita bread, rolls OR your favorite bread.

Enjoy with 150 calories worth of your favorite chips, cottage cheese, baked beans, cheese, raw veggies or prepared veggies.

Also enjoy up to 75 calories worth of fresh, frozen, dried  or canned fruits.

Nutritional Notes: Nutritional values will vary depending upon personal food choices.

Mid-Afternoon Snack - 50 Calories (energy) - See notes above on Mid-Morning Snack.

Diet Dinner Menu - 500 Calories (energy)

This recipe will make MORE than enough lasagna for tonight's dinner as well as tomorrow's lunch. We think it's tastier on the second day than on Day 1. Each serving contains about 275 calories and this original Diet Bites recipe is located here.

We thought about halving the recipe, but frankly - it just wasn't cost productive. If you have leftovers, please share them with friends and family. As a note, we have frozen leftovers before and they kept wonderfully-well.

Also enjoy this side salad Recipe on this menu sheet.

Also enjoy up to 100 calories of your favorite bread, including cheesy garlic bread.

Nutritional Notes: Nutritional values will vary depending upon foods choices.

Bedtime Snack - 100 Calories (energy)

Enjoy any of the float or shake recipes up to 100 calories. Feel free to experiment with flavors - adding extracts and spices. For floats, experiment with different varieties of sodas and low calorie juices, adjusting amounts of sherbet or ice cream when necessary.

Summing Up the Nutritional Notes

Today's nutritional totals will vary depending upon personal food choices.

Day 20 of the Diet Bites free 30 Day Diet & Weight Loss plan.

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