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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Diet Breakfast Menu - 300 Calories (energy) - French Toast

To prepare the French Toast you will need: 2 slices of 70 calorie bread, butter flavored cooking spray, 1 whisked egg and a dash of ground cinnamon. Dip bread into egg, then use cooking spray to cook on the stovetop.

A non-stick pan will help ensure that the French Toast doesn't stick. Top French Toast with 1 cup of fresh strawberries or any fresh fruit totaling no more than 50 calories PLUS top the French Toast with a serving of LIGHT whipped topping.

Nutritional Notes: This free diet breakfast menu contains 2 grains, 1 protein, 1 fruit.

Mid-Morning Snack - 50 Calories (energy) - Use this link OR this link.

Diet Lunch Menus - 500 Calories (energy)

Pizza! Any you like up to 400 calories.

If you go to a restaurant, as for a nutrition guide before ordering. The freezer section at your local market also contains several great selections.

Also enjoy 1 side salad consisting of the following:

2 cups of lettuce or baby spinach

, chopped tomato OR cherry tomatoes.

Any of the following are optional: cucumber, radish, peppers - any variety, shredded carrots, mushrooms

Salad Dressing - Up to 70 calories

Nutritional Notes: Nutritional values will vary depending upon pizza chosen.

Mid-Afternoon Snack - 50 Calories (energy) - See notes above on Mid-Morning Snack.

Diet Dinner Menu - 500 Calories (energy)

Let's have a Philly Steak & Cheese!

Low Calorie Ingredients for Quick Philly Steak & Cheese

3 ounces of lean roast beef from the deli

1 slice of either Swiss OR skim Mozzarella cheese. (50 calories based on Mozzarella cheese)

1 Hoagie or any hot-dog-style type bun (140 calories)

1/2 cup of chopped bell pepper & chopped onion

cooking spray

To save calories, we spray any bread that we wish to have toasted with buttery cooking spray. It adds zero calories, toasts up wonderfully-well and tastes delicious. We also from time-to-time drizzle the bread with olive oil, then toast. You can also use margarine or butter, but you'll need to compensate for the calories. As a note, we feel that some individuals are highly sensitive to cooking spray. My mom won't use cooking spray as the taste is so revolting to her.

Saute onion and bell pepper mix in a non-stick pan using cooking spray (or a bit of olive oil) and when almost tender, add the roast beef and cook until hot. Move contents to one side of the pan, add cheese - which should quickly melt. Carefully transfer to the toasted bun.

Enjoy with up to 200 calories from any OR all of the following: cottage cheese, baked beans, pickled beets, potato salad, macaroni salad, side salad, your favorite chips.

Nutritional Notes: Nutritional values will vary depending upon foods choices.

Bedtime Snack - 100 Calories (energy)

Okay - you know the routine by now. Enjoy any of the float or shake recipes up to 100 calories. Feel free to experiment with flavors - adding extracts and spices. For floats, experiment with different varieties of sodas and low calorie juices, adjusting amounts of sherbet or ice cream when necessary. 1 dairy

Summing Up the Nutritional Notes

Today's nutritional totals will vary depending upon personal food choices.

Day 18 of the Diet Bites free 30 Day Diet & Weight Loss plan.

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