Hashbrowns: Low Calorie, Low Fat Recipe

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Can hashbrowns fit into your healthy weight loss plan? Sure they can with our reduced calorie, reduced fat recipe...

If you love potatoes but avoid them while trying to lose weight because you've heard they are fattening - then I hope that Diet Bites is brightening your day by telling you that it just isn't so.

Potatoes are one of the best choices when trying to lose weight. They are not only filling, they also arrive in your tummy with a healthy dose of dietary fiber which can help you feel full for longer periods of time - as well as keep Mister Digestive Track rolling happily along.

Of course, popular additives like butter, margarine, butter, sour cream, butter, cheese  and yes more butter have contributed to the Bad Boy Potato Syndrome (BBPS)  in the crazy World of Dieting - so be on the lookout for these Weight Gain Buddies.

We hope that you enjoy our tasty, simple, earthy recipe for hashbrown potatoes. Be sure to view the nutritional facts which follow this healthy recipe and provide calorie and fiber content - as well as other nutritional goodies found in the healthy potato.

Low Calorie, Low Fat Recipe for Hashbrowns

Basically, shred the potato, add salt and pepper  and place into a non-stick skillet which has been coated with cooking spray. Cook until golden on one side, then flip and cook until golden on the other side.

A couple of cautionary tips for new cooks: a) You may need more cooking spray so that the hashbrowns can arrive at a golden state. Keep in mind that you should never spray cooking spray near heat, particularly open heat.

Simply remove the pan from the heat, then spray, then return to the heat. b) Potatoes tend to turn burn when they hit the air, so unless you use them immediately you may wish to place them in water. Be sure to thoroughly drain before cooking,taking care to pat as dry as possible with a non-linty paper towel.

The Recipe Ingredients

1 peeled potato, washed & shredded - any variety of potato may be used & be sure to pat as dry as possible before cooking

salt & pepper to suit personal taste

cooking spray - butter flavored is our preference

catsup (optional for dipping purposes)

Total calories: 134 without catsup. What a Diet Deal!

Nutritional Summary for Potato - Based on Raw Potato:



Total Fat





0.14 g

2.2 g

30.72 g



0.17 g

2.8 g

38.49 g



0.30 g

4.8 g

66.68 g

While dieting, try to adjust to enjoying your food without the additives that add dietary fat grams and caloric values.

For example, rather than adding sour cream, butter or even fat-reduced margarine, bacon bits and so forth, try eating a potato that has been baked or boiled without any additives.

Add a little light salt and cracked pepper if you wish - and see if you prefer the earthy goodness of the potato. You can certainly save a lot of calories by learning to like your food in its 'closest to nature' state.

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