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Yesterday we were greeted with a bit of snow and ice, so again today is proving to be one filled with little activity. Perhaps later when the sun shines bright it will dry up the wet ground and I'll be able to take a long walk to get in a healthy dose of activity.

But just in case that opportunity doesn't materialize, I'm going to adjust my daily diet to an inactive style day.

On that note, here is my daily diet menu for March 4 which includes breakfast and lunch.

Depending upon the weather, I'll adjust my evening calories accordingly - so I'm going to leave this diet menu open.

As a note, my personal caloric intake will differ from your personal caloric intake - and like yours, mine is based on a number of factors - such as my metabolic rate, my activity level, my muscle mass, my age, my gender, my height, my body frame size and my current weight.

Diet Breakfast Menu

I enjoyed my Silver Dollar pancakes so much yesterday when I ate breakfast that I decided to enjoy them yet again this morning. But I made one small adjustment; I added a one cup serving of strawberries to the pancakes to combine whole grain goodness with a Fruit Group serving.

The strawberries which I used were frozen so I popped them in the microwave and zapped them for a couple of minutes before adding them to the pancakes. Then I added a one cup serving of skim milk to my breakfast menu as I didn't want the Dairy Group to become jealous. It can be a very moody group when it chooses to me.

As for the vegetable and protein groups, I'll address those throughout the day's menu as things progress.

My breakfast menu contained a grand total of about 350 calories.

Diet Lunch Menu

For lunch I enjoyed three chicken nuggets, 1 serving of local honey which is excellent for combating allergies, 1/2 cup of cooked quinoa, 1 slice of whole grain bread, 1 serving of green beans, and a serving of unsweetened tea.

The total caloric values equaled about 400 and I got in a serving from the Protein Group, the Grain and Vegetable Groups.

A health note about the honey; it must be produced locally to have the ability to combat allergies.

Also, if you have never tried quinoa, your taste buds will be totally mesmerized by the earthy flavor. Quinoa contains about 222 calories per cooked cup, 8.14 grams of protein, 3.55 grams of total fat, 31 mg of calcium, 2.76 mg of iron, 318 mg of potassium, 2.02 mg of zinc, 5.2 mg of selenium and 5.2 grams of dietary fiber. Carbs are high at 39.40 grams. What a nutritional power pack!

Quinoa, Nutritional Data Cooked State
Based on 1 Cup

kcals = 222
Protein g = 8.14
Total Lipid Fat g = 1.92
Cholesterol mg = 0
Carbohydrate g = 21.30
Dietary Fiber g = 2.8

Quinoa, Nutritional Data Raw State
Based on 1 Cup

kcals = 6262
Protein g = 24
Total Lipid Fat g = 10.32
Cholesterol mg = 0
Carbohydrate g = 109.07
Dietary Fiber g = 11.9
Saturated Fat g = 1.200
Monounsaturated Fat g = 2.742
Polyunsaturated Fat g = 5.596

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