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If you're solo dieting for weight loss, or if you have little control over what is prepared at meal time - then the frozen dinner section at your local market may be perfect in keeping your weight loss plan on track.

So many tasty offerings that are filling and contain minimal calories. But don't get set on opting for the ones supporting the 'healthy or lean' brand names. Read those nutrition labels and you may be in for a wonderful shock.

For example, many Mexican Style Dinners contain 350 calories and offer two cheese enchiladas, a generous serving of Spanish rice and a generous serving of beans. What a Calorie Deal for dieters who adore Mexican food!

On that note, here is my daily diet menu for March 3. My personal calorie intake is based on a number of factors - such as my activity level, my muscle mass, my age, my gender, my height, my body frame size, my metabolic rate and my current weight.

The number of calories (energy) that my body requires to maintain its recommended weight will be different from yours, as well as different from someone who may be almost identical in my personal 'weight factors'. The old gene pool shuffles up the game and predicting caloric needs for specific individuals is not yet an exact science.

Today we had a bit of snow and ice so my activity level was very low, therefore my calorie intake was lower than normal to accommodate. If the weather had been less bitter, then I would have enjoyed getting out and viewing the white splendor - but alas, it was much too cold. I would have not only enjoyed the white stuff, I would have burned a few calories while having fun.

On that note, here is my menu for today:

Diet Breakfast Menu: 2 Silver Dollar pancakes.

These little golden jewels are so sweet that they require zero additives. And what a Calorie Deal for only 220 calories total! Add 1 cup of skim milk for a grand total of 300 calories.

Diet Lunch Menu

One enchilada frozen dinner containing 2 cheese queso enchiladas, Spanish rice and beans for a total of 350 calories. I added 1 can of regular Coke as my beverage for a total of 500 calories.

Diet Dinner Menu

1 sandwich with cheese and lean deli meat + baby spinach, tomato and sliced mushrooms on whole grain bread with a teaspoon of Light Miracle Whip. Total calories - 350.

Snack Time - Mid Afternoon & late evening:

- 3 cups of frozen strawberries for a total of 150 calories

- a small mix of pistachio nuts and almonds for a total of 75 calories


Nutritional Information from Official Food Groups: 7 grains, 4 dairy, 3 fruit, 3 proteins, 3 vegetables

When dieting to lose weight or to maintain recommended weight it is vital to plan your daily menus around the official food pyramid and the healthy groups housed within. These foods are as close to Mother Earth as possible, thus containing minimal caloric and dietary fat values.

The recommended food group servings from the five food groups work in tandem - with the vitamins and minerals balancing weight and adjusting as necessary. Without adequate vitamin and mineral intake, weight loss is a slow process.

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