Weight Loss Tips for March

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Losing Weight in the Month of March

Spring is rising just over the horizon and if you have some pesky pounds to lose - it's time to get hopping!

And then, Sister Summer will be blowing in - and in only a few short weeks at that.

You know that you'll want to skinny dip and if you don't start peeling off those unwanted pounds now - then you know that you'll be sorry then. No need to look back on Sodom and Gomorrah and turn into a pillar of .....well, you know.

Let's begin with some weight loss tips for March dieters. If you begin dieting NOW, you can drop 8 to 30 pounds by the end of the month, depending upon what you weigh right now.

And if you have a lot of weight to lose, the good news is that you will probably drop that initial weight more quickly than those with only a few pounds to lose.

Weight Loss Tips for March

Watch carbohydrate consumption as they tend to hold water and water weighs heavily.

Carb-restricted diets tend to generate impressive weight loss at the beginning of the diet plan but weight may be quickly regained after an individual returns to their former carb-friendly diet.

And carb-restricted diets are not for everyone and may pose serious health risks for some individuals such as those with heart disease or diabetes. However, by keeping tabs on carb intake you can achieve some nifty weight loss results which in turn generates weight loss motivation.

Both green tea and caffeine have been associated with weight loss.

Caffeine serves to speed up the metabolism, but it can also turn a body into a walking Fried Machine.

Diet Bites recommends keeping a lid on caffeine and opting for green tea - which contains less caffeine than black teas, and about 1/3rd the amount of the caffeine in regular coffee. And green tea also comes to your daily diet will many health benefits. Avoid 'dieter's teas' found at your local market at all cost as they tend to trigger diarrhea  and some have been associated with health risks, including death.

Enjoy at least 3 servings of vegetables per day either at meal time or snack time.

Allow no more than 1 serving of butter or margarine for ALL three servings. And all vegetables work well, whether they originate from the produce section at your local market, from a can or from a bag in the frozen section.

Enjoy at least 3 servings of fresh fruit.

As with vegetables, if you prefer one fruit over another - such as apples, then enjoy 3 apples (or three oranges or three bananas).

Sugar Ants who quit sugar cold turkey can experience an antsy feeling but the less sugar the body consumes, the less it wants.

If you are a Sugar Ant like me, take that first step on Day 1 by cutting back 1/2 on those sugary treats such as cake and cookies. On day 2, cut back 1/2 again - and by Day 3 you are practically sugar free! If you must enjoy sugar - a few gingersnaps or vanilla wafers make a nifty choice.

Beverage & Snack Tips

Watch beverages as one can end up consuming more calories in their beverages per day than food calories.

Opt for water at meal time and if you must have a soda, limit yourself to one per day.

Cutting out those unhealthy snacks from your daily diet can accomplish some snazzy weight loss results. Diet Bites recommends snack time for all dieters as it assists in keeping blood sugar levels regulated. Opt for the healthy fruit and vegetables for snack time OR enjoy a serving of popcorn or lean jerky.

Exercise Tips

Warmer weather presents a lovely opportunity to get out and move. Hiking, walking, golfing, flying kites - any outdoor activity will help you achieve a stronger body and will burn calories which in turn can contribute to healthy weight loss.

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