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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

A Weight Loss Story

As the holiday season kicks into high gear - I thought that it would be fun to share the following weight loss success story with you.

So grab a cup of diet friendly anything   - put your feet up and I hope that you enjoy....

Dieter Paula was on a weight loss plan and here she was - wedged in the middle of the holidays and being tempted from all four corners of the dining table.

By the way - it was a square table, not oblong or round or even rectangle, simple square - just the way that Paula was starting to feel on her weight loss plan.

When she woke up in the mornings and opened the refrigerator - there it sat, her husband Don's full-blown eggnog.

He was an eggnogaholic from turkey day until elf day and he would only drink the full-blown. But Paula had to admit that he did look quite handsome in his eggnog mustache each morning.

When she arrived at work, there were jars of holiday cookies resting in see-through containers that had been lovingly made by co-worker Fran - who had no business working as an assistant. Her baking talent was completely going wasted. If Paula had the money, she would have gladly funded opening a bakery for dear Fran.

Dear Fran indeed - who was making it really hard to her to remain on her weight loss plan.

After a hard day at the office, Paula returned home only to be tempted by the plethora of holiday food commercials. There she sat, munching on her small bowl of hot-air popcorn while Don ate his nightly bowl of full-blown ice cream - and amid the holidays, it was always in the seasonal eggnog flavor. And currently, he was showing interest in the commercial on the television which was advertising eggnog creamer.

Paula sighed, went into her bedroom, pulled the pillow over her head and screamed.

The following day when she arrived at work, as she passed by Fran's desk, Fran asked if she had time to stop. Paula nodded and Fran nodded too - towards a cookie jar. Paula wanted to scream again - while she didn't want to hurt her friend's feelings by refusing her cooked dough-wads, she didn't want to ruin her weight loss plan, either.

She was surprised when Fran told her, "I made this recipe with you in mind as I know that you're on a diet. These cookies contain a skinny 40 calories each. But please, don't feel obligated to try one. They are eggnog cookies."

Paula's brows lifted and she wasted no time in digging one out of the snowman cookie jar - and oh my, they were flat delicious.

Two months later, Paula and Fran opened up their new bakery featuring their skinny cookies - and Don had financed the venture, selling his boat to do such when he learned about the eggnog cookies. He was a happy man because Fran made him these cookies anytime that he wished. And there was nothing quite like the flavor of a fresh eggnog cookie.

Fran was happy too because she was doing something that she loved to do. And the business was a huge success.

As for Paula, she went on to lose all those unhealthy pounds. Aren't happy-ending stories the cat's meow?

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