Foods That Can Be Eaten Freely While Dieting

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Gnawing Hunger Pains While Dieting

When you're on a weight loss plan, at times it is difficult to get past that gnawing hunger that is taking root in the pit of your stomach. That's generally the trigger that shoots dieters in the foot. Actually, in both feet.

While we can't go ape eating everything in sight - because we won't be on a weight loss plan at that point - there are some foods that the dieter can eat quite freely without having to worry about weight gain.

Yes - all extra energy from calories becomes stored in the fat cells; Diet Bites has oodles of articles on this topic.

But when the food is minimal in values, and if you haven't scaled to the top of the ladder where your daily totals are concerned, then reach for the following foods and beverages to help get you through the day.

Munch on Carrots & Other Low Calorie Raw Vegetables to Fight Hunger Pain

1. Carrots: Whether you enjoy them Buggs Bunny style with the green tops on, or as baby carrots - or whole carrots, eating one or two can satisfy the body's desire to crunch. And you'll be receiving a nice dose of Vitamin A in the process.

2. Cucumbers: These babies hold significant diuretic powers; if you've consumed a bit too much sodium (salt) with your meal plate, the cucumber can help the body flush out the retained water. For another treat, place slices onto your eyelids as you relax in the tub. Dieters need to be pampered, too.

3. Celery: It also holds diuretic powers and it can be filled with many things while you are on a weight loss plan, from peanut butter to reduced fat cottage cheese to light cream cheese - but for now, you'll just eat it in the raw. Be sure to remove the strings before you get started or you'll have some natural dental floss on your hands.

Frozen Fruits & Vegetables Exceptionally Minimal in Calories

4. Frozen Vegetables: Always keep a few bags on hand. Prepare them ahead of time if need be. Most contain a skinny 130 calories for the smaller bags - and it's a whole lot of food. You can use just a bit of reduced fat margarine, sea salt and cracked pepper for seasoning power, but do watch the margarine usage.

5. Frozen Fruits: If you don't have a bag on hand, then there are some fresh fruits which freeze magnificently well - such as sliced banana and grapes. Simply stick the entire banana in the freezer for about half an hour; removed and peel, then slice. It should slice easily but it will have a close-to-frozen texture.

As to the grapes, wash and set on a small sheet of wax paper. Leave them in the freezer for about half an hour as well.

Frozen fruit is great for dieters; it requires time to enjoy so the snack lasts a while.

Air-Popped Popcorn & Jerky to Combat Hunger Pains

6. Hot Air Popcorn: If you don't own a hot-air popcorn popper, it can be a wise investment. They are inexpensive and they use whole kernel popcorn. Simply plug in the machine after added the corn and it will quickly do the job. A bowl is placed beneath the shoot to catch the popcorn. Add a bit of reduced fat margarine that has been melted to the corn if you wish - but again, be minded of the amount as even reduced fat is not 'zero fat'.

7. Jerky: This lean protein treat also requires a bit of time to consume and it's a quite healthy treat. One serving generally contains about 80 calories.

In Summary

It's better to enjoy a food or drink than to get off your diet and when that food or beverage is minimal in caloric values, you're more likely to stay on target with weight loss results.

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