Hard to Diet on Weekend

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Avoiding Weekend Diet Temptation

If you're currently dieting and struggling to get through the holiday season without blowing your weight loss plan, we understand how difficult it can be trying to lose weight and remain on your diet plan through this tempting season of the year.

It's difficult enough during the weekdays - but when the weekend arrives, it can be sheer-D torture, trying to remained focused on losing weight, yet there are all of these holiday elves coated in chocolate, frosting - and at times, chocolate frosting lying about - just waiting to go from the holiday plate to your lips, and then they'll head straight for your hips.

There are so many elements which make up Weight Loss Success but one that rests at the top of the Diet Totem Pole is Diet Motivation. Without motivation a diet is dead in the water.

With that said - please keep the focus. That extra weight will come off - and with dedication and drive you'll soon be saying hello to a new, healthier you - if you can make it through these difficult days. And if you can get through the holidays without experiencing weight gain, then you can do anything in the weight loss and maintenance arena.

Tips for Weekend Dieting

1. Plan your meal plates in advance and stick to them. Keep in mind that whenever we plan, things aren't going to go off smoothly all the time, but when we have that plan in place, we can readily make adjustments.

2. Allow room in your weekend meal planners for a holiday treat. This way you won't feel like running towards Mister Nutcracker at his first winky poo. He can be quite attractive and tempting, particularly amid the weekend.

3. If dieting becomes too trying amid the holidays, then don't discard your weight loss plan totally. Regroup; remember how plans can easily be amended - and you don't want to turn yours into a ditched effort. Watch what you consume in both solid and liquid form, and make it your amended goal not to gain more weight.

Go weigh - yes right now if you're feeling like you want to quit dieting.

Now that you have the number that you currently weigh - and keep in mind that weight is simply that, a number and it should never define who you are as an individual, set this number in stone. Weigh every day going forward and if you see it climbing, them take positive action. At the end of the holidays, you want to weigh no more than this number - and if you end-up weighing less, all the better.

This way, you won't be sliding off your weight loss plan and into the pool of full-blown egg nog; and when the holidays have ended for the year and the new year blooms, then get right back on target - full speed, full force ahead! "Weight Loss! Thar she blows, Capt'n!"

4. Experiment with light, low fat and lower calorie favorite recipes.

See how you can amend the ingredients and if you can create the same recipe with few calories without greatly sacrificing flavor. That's right - go don your new apron, the one with Rudolph and the red blinking nose.

Get Busy, Do Anything to Keep Your Mind Off Dieting - And Moving Burns Calories

5. To avoid weekend temptation, go shopping or do anything to occupy your thoughts and take them away from food. You'll burn calories walking while shopping. And at this time of the year, there are so many bargains to be found, and you can do a bit of gift shopping while you're out. Oh my, see that sweater over there? Yes, the yellow one that is a smaller size than your current figure. Let's purchase it while it is on sale because you'll need it next month amid the cold winds of winter as you'll be a size smaller by then. That's the right way to think when dieting.

And before you know it, these winter months as well as the spring months will pass and you'll be looking at those cute, skinnier swimsuits. And aren't you going to look spiffy - all because you dealt positively with weekend dieting temptation.

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