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Burning Calories by Shopping

"Merrily, merrily shopping...."

My husband and I were out and about today - merrily shopping for our dear sweet mother. Unfortunately, she isn't in the best of health and it's next to impossible for her to withstand the stamina necessary to perform 'serious shopping'.

In fact, we've been so busy shopping for mom that Tom and I have yet to buy anything for one another. At least we are burning calories!

And the odd thing is that when you reach our age, giving gifts takes precedence over getting gifts.

Do you enjoy shopping? If so, you're burning calories as you shop.

Think about this....

You get into your car and you insert the key into the ignition and turn it and you expect it to start. But when it doesn't, what's the first thing that enters your mind? Whether it's a car, truck, tractor, lawn mower or a machine that eats weeds - you'll most likely consider that the machine is out of gas as one of your first thoughts.

And when the machine has fuel - that fuel represents energy. It requires energy for motors to run, including human motors. Without energy, the body will wither and fade into nothingness.

The body may be in tip top condition, but if it doesn't get refueled, eventually it will not respond.

Until a car or other motor that is instantly dead in the water without energy, the body has stored fat reserves that keep it alive for x-amount of time.

But at some point, those deplete or they are unable to sustain the essential vitamins and minerals the body requires, and life dissipates.

Even individuals who are overweight or severely obese do not have ample fat reserves to keep the body in motion for lengthy periods of time. As the body gets more and more fat cells that are used to store the excess energy - due to an overage of energy consumption and a lack of energy expense, the body starts to pad itself with layers of fat. They grow over time if the individual continues to gain weight.

At first, the layer is very thin. Think about a coat of paint on raw wood. The first coat may be so thin that you can see to the raw wood. The next coat may cover the wood - or it may require yet another coat. But if we keep applying the coats of paint, the layer on top of the wood grows significantly.

Now let's think about a small pail and a drop of water. The first drop - it does nothing to fill the pail. But as one drop and then another and so forth are added, soon the pail will overflow with water. We will require another pail if we continue to add drops.

Both the paint layers and the overflow of water in the pail are indicative of the fat cells of the body.

The coats of pain represent the layers of fat that build over time, making the body appear larger while the drops represent the necessity of additional fat cells being added to the body in order to contain more excess energy not utilized by the body.

Let's get back to the element of motion. Keep in mind that every time that you make any sort of movement - batting your eyes, snapping your fingers, breathing, talking, swallowing, sniffing, flexing your finger or arching your feet, these movements require energy. Just like your motorized machine requires fuel.

While gas and other fuels are required by machines, the human body gets refueled via the foods and beverages that we put into our daily diet. Let's delve a layer deeper to see how the caloric burn impacts our weight and our very existence.

So what if an individual were 1 pound overweight and decided to quit eating and drinking until all of the energy in their fat cells was depleted. Because this would take a short amount of time as 3,500 calories equals 1 pound - and the average man of average body frame size, height and muscle mass requires 2,000 calories (energy) per day, then the would likely burn that pound towards the end of the second day into the diet.

But what if the individual is 10 pounds over their recommended weight?

Whether they are 10 or 200 pounds over their healthy weight, the body cannot survive on the energy contained in the fat cells alone. It also requires the nutrition - the vitamins and minerals contained with the foods and beverages that we consume.

So no matter what size you are - you must eat to survive, and if you're concerned about losing weight, if you choose the healthier foods and drinks, then your body will naturally shrink to support the number of calories that you are consuming, just as it grew to accommodate the overage of energy consumed, storing it into the fat cells which turned into layers of visual fat on the body.

Therefore, don't starve to burn calories in order to lose weight; feed your body the essential vitamins and minerals - and it will respond kindly where your weight is concerned, as well as your overall state of health.

Diet Bites which hopes this article will fuel your desire to make this year the year that you achieve all your weight loss goals.

Tomorrow we will be entering the 12 Days of Christmas so I hope that you'll check back for an exciting countdown to Christmas - as well as to the new year.

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