Potato Burrito Recipe

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Our Delicious Potato Burrito Recipe

Based on that famous  beloved holiday hymn, the first day of Christmas involves a partridge and a pear tree. However, when I was a tiny tot I thought it involved a partridge and a pair-of trees.

Most of my childhood was spent without a television as we were quite poor. I remember my daddy renting a television for the weekend from time-to-time. My mom would prepare tacos - although my parents always pronounced them as 'tac us' - and we would spend family time watching spooky movies together.

On that note, I hope that you are taking advantage of spending time together with your loved ones this holiday season.

Too quickly, little ones escape into the realm of adulthood and we are left with a heart full of fading memories. So keep the magic - and not only love one another, but also show your love through modes other than gifts. Hugs are worth tons more than gifts.

Potato Burrito Recipe for Your Diet Plan

I would like to share an ultra fast recipe that I created the other day with leftover mashed potatoes. Believe it or not - it's quite delicious and makes a healthy snack for those special times - so you can spend more time with your loved ones than in the kitchen.

There are only 2 ingredients - healthy potatoes and a tortilla which resides in the grain family. Using whole grain flour tortillas will take this recipe to a higher level of nutrition.

The tortilla that I used contained 116 calories the mashed potatoes contained 50 calories - so for about 166 calories, this Potato Burrito makes an awesome snack or main dish.

Simply cook the tortilla in a pan on the stove top using cooking spray until it is golden on both sides. Remove. Spoon the potatoes into the pan, using a bit of cooking spray if necessary. Remove when hot and place onto one side of the tortilla. Fold. Enjoy.

For a few more calories any of the following would make excellent additions: 1/2 slice of skim based cheese such as mozzarella, bacon bits, chives, grilled or sauteed  mushrooms and other veggies that are among your favorites.

Simply saute the chopped veggies in cooking spray before adding to the potato burrito. Also - you can cut the burrito into wedges as one would quesadillas to make a prettier presentation - and to make it easier to eat. In keeping with our 12 Days of Christmas - pears sweetened with their natural juice and thickened with a bit of flour and water OR cornstarch and water would also taste heavenly tucked inside this tortilla shell. Don't forget to dash on a bit of cinnamon.

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