Weight Journal: A Clean Slate

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Starting Your Diet Plan With a Clean Slate

"Two turtle doves...."

Doves have always been symbolic of peace - and although we ourselves have little control in achieving world peace, we can concentrate on accomplishing peace in our personal lives.

From time-to-time we tend to do a personal evaluation, and we tend to do so more frequently this time of year. January 1st offers a new beginning - a clean slate. It's an opportunity to right our wrongs and reset our course in life.

We begin by placing our lives beneath the microscope and acknowledging the things in our lives that we wish to change. It may be our hairstyle or our wardrobe or our habits or our weight.

More often than not - it's our weight.

And more often than not, we end up weighing more come the next holiday season than we did this holiday season.

Although taking inventory of our personal lives has great merit - it's vital when dealing situations that involve your personal health and well-being that you undertake changes with great thought and planning.

So if you've got 'Lose Weight' at the top of your New Year's Resolution List, please do it right and you won't regret your decision one bit.

To accomplish healthy weight loss you may choose the assistance of your doctor, dietitian, or nutritionist. You may enlist help from friends and family. You may seek help from the Highest Being. You may join a health club, a dance studio, a nature group, or a nature photography group. You may purchase a book containing a healthy plan for weight loss.

All of these options are excellent for achieving weight loss. And on that note, here are some more tips that may help get your weight loss plan ignited:

Choose a daily  diet plan which contains either 3 healthy meals per day + snacks OR one that contains several small meals per day.

Choosing a daily diet that embraces several small meals per day may prove more satisfying and keep blood sugar levels in check. For others, it may trigger a binge.

You know this tip like you know the back of your hands. Pair your daily diet with activity.

Rest and relaxation go hand-in-hand with diet and exercise in achieving healthy weight loss.

Your goal should include much more than the desire for weight loss. Too many times, individuals make the mistake of approaching weight loss as a temporary situation. Results should be life-long!

Don't be too hard on yourself when it comes to weighty issues. It is possible to embrace inner peace without perfection.

And if you are planning on making weight loss one of your resolutions,, our newest Weight Loss Plan -  The Shape of Things to Come may be of great help. This 200+ page weight loss plan is packed with low calorie recipes, weight loss tips and puts a positive spin on weight loss.

Weight Loss Maintenance Journal


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