Time for Diet Reflections

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

It's a good time to take pause in your life to review your previous experiences with weight loss.

With this said - go grab a cozy cup of diet friendly hot chocolate and a few mini-marshmallows and let's work on putting your weight loss plan together.

Ready to begin? Got that cup of hot chocolate? Good - let's get busy and put on our thinking caps.

As the new year approaches, you're probably seriously considering a weight loss plan. That's the most popular resolution whenever a new year heralds. In fact, how many years gone by did you make this same resolution? If it has been a former resolution, and you're considering another weight loss plan either the former diet didn't work - or you've put on pounds since you lost weight and achieved your resolution.

While neither is a great situation, let's make it great now by turning that knowledge into a positive that can assist with your new diet. Let's base our tips on these two particular situations.

Diet Failure Due to Quitting Your Plan

Begin by asking yourself why the old diet failed. What incident triggered you to put on all those extra pounds? Was the former diet boring, too strict or bland? If so, find a plan that you'll stick with until the weight is gone - and might we recommend one that you'll be able to use forever going forward? That's the healthy plan based on the official American Food Pyramid.

As to your current diet, this knowledge can also assist in determining where you are and what is contributing to those unwanted pounds.

Are you eating too much food in your daily diet - or too many of the wrong foods - or are you on-target where your meal plate is concerned? If so, then it's time to check with a professional to rule out hidden health conditions that can spawn weight gain, such as hormonal imbalances which can be quite common in women.

If you are eating too much, try to discover why you're doing such. It could be stress related, or perhaps you're simply bored and you are subconsciously entertaining yourself with food. Or, it could be because you just love the taste, textures and colors of food.

Discovering the root of your weight gain will put you back on track for weight loss results.

Weight Gain After Dieting

If you put on pounds after you met your goals, then you know how difficult it was to get the weight off. But you achieved such - and be that as it may, you regained the weight. At this point, you need to try to solve the reason - or perhaps reasons why you regained those lost pounds.

Was it due to snacking? Perhaps second helpings at meal times? What about too much food in your daily diet. Not sufficient exercise?

Do you ever feel guilty when you're preparing to eat something that you know that you shouldn't? If so, that's your body telling you - warning you that it's not a good thing. And it's highly likely that the food or drink will result in weight gain. The physical body speaks to us gently, giving us subtle hints when it's not wise to do something.

The next time that you feel like you shouldn't eat or drink that certain something, then don't. You are most likely to be saving yourself from weight gain.

As to the other factors that triggered those unwanted pounds since your successful diet plan, try to pinpoint how they were regained and make adjustments. The weight will not only come off, if you keep following your healthier steps, it will stay off permanently. This should be your goal - as well as to 'never have to diet again'.

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