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Diet Article: Will my diet ever end?

January is the official month of Weight Loss. More people take up dieting and strive to meet their weight loss goals in January than in any other time of the year. With much work, strong perseverance, much weight loss motivation and a strong drive - many will joyously cross over that Weight Loss Success line.

In turn, most will regain the weight they lost and then some.

For those brave and successful few that go on to maintain their recommended weight - they just didn't cross the 'Weight Loss Success' line. Their line had 'permanent success' stamped over the top. No more weight loss goals for these successful few!

Or, are there?

Looking for Perfection

When setting forth any type of goal or plan, we can make what we desire to achieve more successful by glancing at history. And when it involves personal weight loss, our personal dieting history serves as an excellent map.

We can study our map closely - taking note of certain pitfalls, at which route to weight loss worked best, and which didn't. We can also see what went wrong - what made our weight loss adventure turn sour.

Sometimes it's something as simple as a miniature powdered-sugar-coated donut. Yes, one tiny donut that may only contain 60 calories can end up setting an uncontrollable fire - causing one to leap off the Old Weight Loss Trail into the Happy Land of Binge, grabbing a small bag of those white-dusted donuts, ending up with a white ring around our mouth and our bathroom scales bulging - yet, all over again.

The dieter may go through the rest of the year, trying to ignore the fact that their January Diet went south of the border in a bad 'weigh'. They run rampant past Cupid and his little bag of rotten arrows, past the Eater Bunny and his basket of candy-coated eggs and chocolate rabbits - grabbing those as they pass. They arrive at Independence day without that white ring of powder around their lips, which is now a ring of brown chocolate. They feel the spirit of independence too - independent of dieting and having the ability to eat everything and as much of it that they desire.

As summer winds down they begin to molt and start to look back at their first of the year diet failure. If only they had stayed with the plan, they'd be thin again at this point. They may experience the doldrums for a period then perk up as Frank and Mummy arrive just in time for the October holiday.

Good cheer - fat punchbowl, a lot of cookies and candy treats, and oh my - life is sweet again. So why diet now when Thanksgiving is only a skip and a hoot away? And then there are those lovely Christmas holidays to wade through. Too many alligators in the Diet Waters during the time from Halloween to New Years to even think about losing weight. The weight loss plan would not possibly survive.

So as they make their way through the last vestige of the year, they eat, gom, gobble and cluck their way through the Holiday Hall of Food, gaining a bit more bacon on their backsides as they look forward to their new weight loss plan after the first of the New Year. They don't even want to think about losing weight - or anything connected with a diet until after that time.

Mastering Control of Your Energy Intake, Energy Expenditure

Before Aunt Martha's fruitcake has time to turn into a brick, the holidays have whizzed by and it's time to diet. How the heck did this happen when they were having so much fun and folly? They step on the bathroom scales. They scream, gag and faint - in that order.

After being revived by their partner via the scent of hot buttered popcorn, they jerk up from their faint, totally revived - and totally dedicated to losing weight this time, this year - it's a new slate and by-golly Aunt-George and Uncle-Molly, they are going to lose those unhealthy pounds or....or....  

Well, they will - of course they'll lose them.

So they start on their new weight loss plan, totally revived. Until that darn little guy with the pack of arrows and the box of chocolates arrives.

Sound familiar? If so, then how do I know all this....stuff? I lived it over and over and yes, over again until I surrendered to thin. And if you have done such - I really don't want to be the one to tell you this - but you'll need to continue to monitor your daily diet FOREVER in order to be at your recommended weight FOREVER.

It's a never ending process and yes, you'll be on a daily diet until you sprout wings and fly over that beautiful rainbow in the sky. Perhaps at that time we'll be able to eat everything and anything that we desire without gaining weight. But until that time, fat chance.

On that note, I hope that the above tips will help fortify your weight loss plan - and that this year will be your year for Weight Loss Success. Avoid little men dressed in white and wearing wings, as well as bunnies carting baskets of candy-coated eggs; don't buddy-up with Frank and Mummy, either.

They'll lead you off the path to weight loss success and you'll be kicking yourself for surrendering to temptation.

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