Tips for Reducing Holiday Stress

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Holidays are Joyous.....and Stressful

"Jing, Jing, Jingling...."

Do you hear those sleigh bells ringing? Do you hear the shoppers mingling? Do you hear those cash registers dingling?

Yes - the holiday season is swinging in full gear with many stores opening even before Mr. Sandman returns for the night. And many still have their doors open at the stroke of midnight.

On that note, if you've been out and about - shopping until you feel as if you are going to drop - then it's time to pause and do a little self-pampering. Those presents can wait to be wrapped later.

Benefits of Reducing Stress & Revitalizing Your Body

Revitalizing yourself accomplishes so many positive things.

Here's our short list...

Decrease in Wrinkles & Other Signs of Ageing

Less stress equals less lines and wrinkles and less temptation where food is concerned.

According to health studies, ensuring that you get those necessary forty winks can help keep your weight under control.

Although a healthy daily diet and activity are vital to weight control, rest and relaxation are an equal part of the Health Puzzle.

Rest and relaxation comes in many different forms.

Some suggestions to help you revitalize include the following tips from Diet Bites.

Methods of Relaxing to Energize the Body

Put your feet up, close your eyes, and place two cucumber slices on your eyelids. Allow your mind to clear as you fall into the arms of relaxation.

Massage - whether professionally administered OR given by a loved one, a massage can get the kinks out and leave you feeling like the million bucks that you just spent. Well....not quite a million, but you'll feel on top your game again.

A long soak in the tub OR a bubble bath.

A cup of decaf coffee, a cup of cocoa with marshmallows or a cup of tea is a great way to unwind and revitalize. Green tea as well as cocoa prepared with dark chocolate offers healthy benefits.

If you have put up a tree for the holidays - take a few minutes to sit and just absorb the beauty of the lights. Your blood pressure may thank you for taking a special pause.

Drag out the holiday music and turn the lights down low.

Take time out to watch the sunrise or the sunset.

Hobbies can also revitalize your spirits as well as your body by freeing the mind. From bird watching to a walk beneath the moonlight - each of us relax in different ways.

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