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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Staying healthy amid the holiday rush....

Amid the holiday rush, the spiked punchbowls and jingling parties resides the Flu Monster as well as other no-good humbugs who are out to destroy your holiday.

Last year I was smitten with the flu and at one point, I felt like it was going to be my last holiday season. For three months I battled that monster before it finally turned me loose.

Even when we put into practice the best of tips, we aren't guaranteed that we will get a dismissal slip from a virus or bacteria. But we can sure slice our risks!

On that note, here are my unique tips plus some common tips  that I hope will help you continue to enjoy a glorious holiday season.

Those shopping baskets are mined with viscous germs.

During the cold and flu season (including the intestinal flu), I tend to don a pair of leather or vinyl gloves when shopping. And if I forget my gloves I make it a point not to touch my eyes or nose until I can wash my hands.

Unwashed Fruit & Bacteria-Related Illness

Have you ever purchased a piece of fruit at the market and enjoyed it on the way home? Then a few hours later you were gripped with uncomfortable cramps in your mid-section and you frantically rushed to the toilet? If so, unwashed fruit is most likely the culprit. To solve the issue, our car is never without a large spray bottle filled with 1 part alcohol and 4 parts water.

This also comes in handy when we go hiking. It's refreshing on the skin and is powerful enough to remove oils from poison ivy that may have been accidentally encountered amid the hike. Nonetheless, this tip is " Always wash fruit and vegetables before consuming."

Drink orange juice OR take Vitamin C tablets.

My husband Tom has been drinking orange juice for a few years now - almost every single morning and has been experiencing fantastic health. Even when I had the flu, he had close contact with me and thankfully didn't succumb (to the flu, that is....).

If orange juice tends to upset your tummy (I'm raising my hand) then try taking Vitamin C tablets or consume foods rich in Vitamin C. While these acidic foods go into the mouth with notes of acid, amid metabolization they convert to a desirable alkaline state.

The healthier toothbrush to combat illness.

Switching out your old toothbrush for a new one every 2-3 months can also combat illness. In between new toothbrushes, I soak mine in hydrogen peroxide using a tiny bathroom cup at least once per week. If you choose to do such be sure to keep the cup out of reach of children. And those tiny disposable bathroom cups can also help keep illness at bay as long as they are thrown out after use.

Cleaning the Bathroom, Often Overlooked Items Which Cause Sickness

One of the most important areas of the bathroom that tends to get overlooked amid cleaning is the toilet handle. But let's go a step further. After the toilet is flushed, hopefully the 'user' will wash their hands.

To do such, they must turn on the faucet with their hands. Then they wash their hands until they are clean. Then they must turn off the water by touching the faucet which was contaminated when they initially switched the faucet on.

Not good- but it's something that's not discussed often - if ever.

This situation may not present an issue for most but it can cut risks of contracting an illness. Our solution is keeping a box of tissues by the sink that can be used to switch on the faucet. And of course, the toilet handle, the toilet seat  and the sink faucets require the most attention when cleaning time arrives.

After they re-infect their hands from turning off the faucet, they head for the old door knob and who knows where else they will take those germs.

Cleaning the speakers on all your telephones (cell phones included) will help cut risks of contracting illnesses.

Be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions so that you don't damage the phone. And if you share a phone at the office, alcohol pads are a must.

And while we are on the subject of phones, if you have a cell phone, please don't talk and drive. And if you do, please put away your phone the next time that you drive and examine the other drivers who are using their phones while driving. You'll note the preoccupied look on their faces. Some are so involved in their phone conversations that their focus is totally away from the road which not only puts you at risk, but it puts them at risk as well. After examining this behavior, I'm hoping that you'll pull over the next time you must dial out.

Washing your hands frequently is one of the best defenses against catching a bug.

On that note, whatever preventative tips that you use to ensure your good health, I hope that you'll continue to stay healthy and enjoy this wondrous holiday season!


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