Tips for Relieving Stress

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Stress, an Element of Life

Today I am reminded of the old saying, " Two's company and three's a crowd." Here is why.....

Throughout this festive season I've heard many friends and family members complain about gift-giving outside of close friends and family. Today, the situation involved co-worker gifts with the minimum set at $40.00. At this point it was difficult for me to remain the soft shoulder to cry on and I did a lot of tongue-biting.

Needless to say, I was astounded because $40.00 is quite steep. Then again, perhaps it is only me - and I've gotten too far out of the mainstream. Whatever happened to a friendly holiday card? Or a simple 'Happy Holidays to You & Yours'?

Nonetheless, whatever the reason, no matter how much fun the holidays bring - they can bring along a good dose of stress in the process. And stress isn't always triggered by negativity. Even positive situations trigger a form of stress. Fortunately, this type of stress is much easier to handle than the stress associated with negative situations.

Tips for Relieving Stress

Keeping stress at a minimum, pacifically stress related to negative situations is essential in not only influencing your level of health, but also in keeping weight gain at bay.

With that said, if the holiday season is dumping too much stress into your life - whether it's related to financial issues, gift-giving situations beyond your control, menu planning, event planning, obligations, too many parties, not enough parties or not enough time to fit everything in - try the following stress relievers.

Take a deep breath. Hold your breath a few seconds. Now breath out. Feel the stress escaping?

If you've got an aquarium, pull up a chair and spend some time gazing into the tank. You should feel your stress flowing from your body.

Light some candles and spend some precious moments being entranced by the flames.

Go outdoors or gaze out your windows. Concentrate on the sky as well as any trees or living shrubs and plants.

Relax in a bubble bath.

Enjoy a foot massage.

Put on some holiday music while enjoying a cup of tea.

In a few short weeks the holidays will come to a close. Then the new stress the form of holiday bills - including that $40.00 gift to the co-worker who ended up spending $10.00 on her reciprocal gift. Isn't life grand?

In Summary, the Good, the Bad & the Ugly

Even in the best of situations, stress happens. Both good and bad. Good stress - such as planning a wedding OR bad stress - such as planning a funeral.

Amid these moments we can either show others 'the best' in us OR 'the worst' in us.

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