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Inexpensive Holiday Gift Ideas to Share

I wanted to share a holiday gift idea with all of you that I did for my elderly mother.

We lost my dad in 2005, several years ago. He and my mom had been married for over 50 years - and they met in the 7th grade. They were childhood sweethearts - and had one of the most special romances that I know of.

Anyway, the holidays are horrific for mom. Dad loved them. Every year he would dress up as Santa. He was the life of our family.

So I got to thinking a couple of weeks ago about what I could make my mom for the holidays. Every year - I make her something and I've done that as long as I can remember.

Making Memorable Memories

This year I came across a photo of my dad dressed up as Santa. The cheap Santa suit that he was wearing was terrible - actually quite hilarious. And the photo was very small and very old - had almost faded and was wrinkly and so forth.

So I thought about it a while and decided that I would try to mend it with a bit of processing. I'm not a genius when it comes to processing, but I wanted to give it a try. So I scanned in the photo and went to work.

To my surprise, I was able to get a very good 8 X 10 print out.

After this, I began digging in my photo box - pulling out photos of my dad and went to work.

In the end, I filled a large photo album with 8 X 10's. I not only filled it with photos of my dad, but also of the rest of the family - and some of my best nature photos like one of a great blue heron that I recently took that was staring at some big fish (quite humorous).

Today when I visited my mom, I asked her if she would please open the gift that I had made for her and she did.

I've never seen her touched so deeply by anything before and she kept returning to the photos throughout the day - running her hands over my father's images.

Although she was familiar to many of the photos, when they were brought up to size - it was like they were totally different. One was even taken with an ancient Swinger camera (can't believe my parents were 'Swingers' :-) - and I managed to get a good print from that, too.

Anyway - I just wanted to share this with everyone. And of course, there are more professional modes for enlarging photos - but this was a relatively easy project that appears to have brought comfort and joy to my dear mother.

It did cost a bit of $$$ for the printer ink, but it was money well spent as I was able to instantly view the results. Also, I used photo paper to print out the images on.

Happy holidays everyone! May this be your best yet!

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