Holiday Diet Tips

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Christmas Eve Diet Tips

With the new year at hand, it's time to get focused on what you wish to accomplish towards meeting your health goals for the new year.

But right now as the Eve of Christmas is upon us, it's difficult to think about anything other than the season - and that's how it should be. This doesn't give us permission to run amuck with our meal plates - but we don't have to be stuffed shirts either.

Keep in mind that we have to eat an additional 3,500 calories over our regular daily required energy needs in order to gain one pound of weight. That's like eating Aunt Velma's entire fruit cake - or Uncle Judy's entire cheesecake.

So live a little and enjoy the day, just don't go ape.

Keep in mind that desserts are more deadly to your waistline than the main course.

Desserts aside, the foods on the holiday table which contain significant calories include that tasty cranberry sauce, the celery sticks that are stuffed with cream cheese and the stuffing or dressing.

Sweetened tea is also significant in caloric content, as is holiday nogs. And of course, sugar soda is an ix-nay.

Holiday Dieting Tips

Now for the best part - the desserts. Here are a few tips to keep your diet in check:

Fruit pies are better choices over pudding and cream pies.

Single crust pies are healthier choices than double crust pies.

The naked cakes are generally a better choice because the frosting is typically more loaded with calories than the cake itself.

Anything made with full-blown cream cheese, including Uncle Judy's cheesecake is apt to be mined with fat and calories.

Gelatin is a better choice over puddings.

Nuts are delicious and healthy, but they add fat to the recipe.

Keep away from the spirits as they hold many empty calories, particularly the hard liquor.

In Summary

Enjoy Christmas Eve as well as the morrow for we never know when our day is done on earth. Live life to the fullest - but that doesn't mean that you have to fill your tummy to the fullest. Gaining weight actually prevents you from doing such.

Therefore, try to chart out a healthier road that winds all the way through the upcoming year. Happy holidays, dear reader!

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